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admin November 14, 2009

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Homemade Christmas is something I’m just getting into this year. As some of you may know (and the rest will find out), I LOVE to sew and craft! I haven’t had too much time since Daniel was born, especially since he’s now getting a bit older and needing more attention, but I definitely still do it when I can.  I had a HUGE list of projects I wanted to finish before he was born. I got most of it done, although I really only finished the last stuff on the list yesterday!

I digress. Homemade Christmas came out of my love of creating. It is the idea that every gift I give will be something that I’ve created myself, just for that person. I’ve come to really dislike the idea that we need to spend a lot of money to try to buy the “perfect” present for someone, especially when it’s something they either won’t really use much, or that they’d buy for themselves. Why buy someone a power tool? Or even a nice sweater? It seems so much more meaningful to sit down and imagine what someone might like, create it yourself, and give it with love.

I have been working on my Christmas list for awhile. It’s hard in two ways. First, for my immediate family (husband and kids), I typically think of too many things to get them! I have a whole big list for my daughter (who will be almost 2 at Christmas and is really getting into it this year — she LOVES the lights and trees that are up). For more distant family, I have trouble thinking of what I might make them. But I’ve had SO many ideas.

Here is my general idea list:

*Vanilla extract (working on this one!)
*Rice-filled heating pads (I make mine from pretty flannel, so soft)
*Body/face lotion
*Other bath products (salts, shampoo?)
*Doll diapers/clothes
*Candles (soy wax scented with essential oils)

I can’t remember what else right now. But this is some GOOD stuff I’m trying to make! I’m creating my own recipes for the bath products based on the research I did. I’m still waiting on some shea butter and the essential oils to come in, so I haven’t been able to play with it yet.

For Bekah, I am planning:
*3 sets of sheets for her toddler bed
*1 denim blanket
*Doll diapers and clothes

I am not sure what else! Perhaps I’ll get creative with non-toxic, non-staining fingerpaints, or playdough. I’m not going to list what I’ll be doing for other family members, because 1) I’m not totally sure yet, and 2) They might read this blog! I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. 🙂

I am just so excited about this. I feel like it’s a really great way to use my talents, and show that I love people, and, honestly, save a little money. I don’t have money to buy everyone a $20+ perfect store-bought present. But I do have the time and creativity to make some nice things. I tend to be a pretty hands-on, physical person. I’m not too verbal, so I have trouble actually saying “I love you” to many people (or at least trouble elaborating on that!). So I like to show people through actions or these homemade gifts.

In a few weeks, once I’ve really dived into my projects, I’ll post an update on how they’re going and some hints on what I’m doing for different family members. But nothing definite until after the holiday!

Have you ever done a homemade Christmas? If not, how do you do your holiday shopping? Are you interested in the idea for the future?

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  1. You are so inspirational! I've never done an entirely homemade Christmas, but what a great idea!

    I have created many homemade gifts in the past. One of my favorites was making quilt throws. I purchased material with a pattern on it and some pretty calico for the back. Then I sewed batting in between, stretched it all in my quilter's "ring," and hand stitched around the pattern. The best part was I could complete the time-consuming part, the hand stitching of the quilt pattern, while I was nursing one of my babies!

    Another favorite was the homemade wooden blocks my husband cut out from scrap lumber and I painted. The kids spend hours creating with these!

    I'm sure your Christmas will be great! Your daughter is just going to love sheet sets and what little girl wouldn't want a denim blanket. So soft and cuddly!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I once made my sister some homemade lip gloss out of vaseline, food coloring, and glitter. She loved it!


  3. Anonymous-

    What a really clever idea! I'm sure your sister is still thanking you for that one!


  4. Whta a fantastic idea you have here! Well done, I might be trying something similar for my family Christmas.

    Thanks for the post.


  5. Any updates on homemade christmas? How are the gifts coming?


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