Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

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Herbal tea!

It’s one of the few “treats” we can have at this point in time. As a quick personal update, we’ve recently undergone allergy testing and have been told to cut out all grains, all sugar (including fruit sugar), legumes, nuts, dairy. We’re left with some vegetables, meat, eggs, and coconut. When I need something “sweet,” tea is about all I have left! But that’s okay, as long as we are getting better.

There are many different types of herbal teas, and each has its own individual benefits. Let’s just sum up a few things about herbal tea so we all know what we’re talking about:

*Herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free (so yes, you can give it to your children…Bekah loves it!)
*Herbal tea does not contain any green or black tea
*Herbal tea may contain fruits, flowers, herbs (obviously) or any other “healing” plant parts

Common varieties include:
* Chamomile
* Echinacea
* Elderberry

Of course, there are a myriad of blends using all of the above ingredients and more. I couldn’t possibly list them all. The health benefits of the tea depend on what ingredients are in them. I’ll list benefits of just a few common teas/ingredients:

* Chamomile — calming, relaxing (often used for “sleepy” or bedtime teas)
*Rooibos — aids digestion, can help allergies
*Mint — helps nausea
*Ginger — helps nausea, fights colds
* Elderberry — fights colds and flu

Rooibos tea is probably one that you haven’t heard of before. It’s something we discovered a few months back. We were at the mall one morning with a friend, when a salesperson came out of Teavana and offered us a sample and a brochure. I’d always seen the store and occasionally sampled the tea but never paid much attention to it. I tried some tea and took a brochure home. It was there I first learned about the rooibos tea and its benefits. I started researching it further, and learned how great it was and how it could possibly help us! And since Bekah loves tea I thought I’d give it a try. I returned to the mall the next night (note to self: do NOT go to the mall with a double stroller on a Friday night, when all the teenagers are shopping) and purchased some Rooibos peach bloom. I LOVE peach tea and this is pretty good stuff. :) Bekah likes it too!

I begged my mom for a gift card for Christmas and have since ordered MANY more varieties. My favorite combination is Caribbean breeze (which contains elderberry) and Kiwi-strawberry. Love it! It’s sweet enough to drink without any sugar, hence it helps get rid of my “sweet” cravings now.

Enough about that. You can read more about rooibos, chamomile, and ginger tea.

What are your favorite types of tea? Do you drink them for the health benefits?


  1. says

    So glad you posted on this! I do drink tea, but really wanted to learn more about herbal tea and its benefits. And, I've seen Teavana in the mall, I think I'll check them out!

    P.S. I'm SO with you on going to the mall on a Friday night, lol! :)

  2. says

    The only tea I drink regularly is CHOICE's pregnancy tea, and you know what's in that. I have tried others in the past, mostly the "sleepytime" blends and I tried a peppermint tea when Cam was a newborn, because he had some gas/digestive issues.

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