Early Signs of Bad Health

When I first thought about this post, I thought, people in this society seem to have very different definitions of what “health” is.  I hear just about everyone saying “My child is so healthy!” while diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. runs rampant.  Clearly not everyone is healthy!  I thought, it’s pretty easy to say “I’m not healthy” once you’ve already caught a serious or chronic illness, but up until that point, it’s not so easy.

We need a definition of what good and bad health are, besides a lack of a chronic or serious illness.  So I thought I’d start by listing a few of the early signs of bad health, so that hopefully people who may be at risk can realize this and return to health before chronic illness strikes.

*Being overweight as a child

Being overweight is never a good sign.  While everyone has a different “right” weight for their frame, age, etc. and BMI is often inaccurate for short women, children, and those with large muscle masses, being truly overweight is not healthy (there are some studies that say it doesn’t matter, but it does).  Being overweight increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, etc.  Children who are overweight, especially young children, are at even greater risk.  If you believe your child may be too heavy, see your doctor for an appropriate plan, and reduce your child’s intake of sugar, refined carbs, etc. (but NOT fat, as children need it to grow and develop properly; plus eating fat does NOT make you fat).

*Burning easily in the sun

Some say this doesn’t have anything to do with it, but it does.  Toxins in the body are released partly through the skin, which speeds up burning.  If you suspect this may be happening to you or your children, switch to organic foods, avoid food additives (if you can’t recognize/pronounce it, don’t eat it!), and drink plenty of clean water (hint: that may not be tap water).

*Frequent illnesses/catching everything

We are exposed to illnesses everyday.  Most we can fight off because our immune systems get rid of the “bad” stuff before we get sick (yes, I know this is germ theory and I don’t fully believe in it, but we’re not getting into that right now).  People who are getting sick all the time have immune systems that are not working properly.  They’re allowing the bad stuff to take over too frequently.  This is a bad sign because should a chronic or serious illness come along, the immune system won’t be strong enough to heal the body.  See a doctor or chiropractor and stay with excellent nutrition to boost immunity ( probiotics and other supplements may also be a good idea).

*Slow to heal from illnesses or injuries

This is similar to the last sign.  If the body is taking a long time to heal from illnesses (i.e. most people are healing in 3 – 4 days but it’s hanging on for 7+ days in someone else) or a small cut is taking weeks to heal, something’s wrong.  The immune system should be fighting and healing but it’s not.  This, too, is a dangerous sign for potential serious illnesses.  See a doctor or chiropractor to boost your immune system.

*Complications of illnesses

This goes along with the last two.  If, instead of the body fighting off the illness and it resolving within a short time, illnesses frequently get worse and lead to complications and/or hospitalizations, the body isn’t doing its job.  This means the immune system is weak, leaving a person vulnerable to serious or chronic illness.  Again, seek a doctor or chiropractor’s help.

*Multiple allergies

When a person has multiple allergies, especially if they are continually developing and life threatening, the body’s immune system is in overdrive and again not working properly.  This could lead to (or be a sign of) autoimmune disorders.  Seek help from a doctor or NAET specialist to get allergies under control.

*Autoimmune disorders

Obviously, if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, you already know that your health is not the best.  See a doctor and explore alternative doctors to find ways to potentially reduce or eliminate symptoms.

*Continuous “symptoms” (fatigue, etc.)

 If you are always or usually tired, have a runny nose, frequent sleep disturbances, etc. then something is wrong.  It may be signs of an undiagnosed illness (in which case, see a doctor), or simply signs that something isn’t quite right with your body.  Focus on excellent nutrition to see if it makes a difference.

What are signs of bad health to you?  What are signs of good health? 

*If this post seems short, it’s because I wrote it once, then lost it all because my browser crashed just as I was hitting save.  Oops!  It’s late now so I’m writing as fast as I can!*


  1. says

    Ok, I’ll try not to get too graphic here….but I always feel like everyone’s systems are working well when they are "regular" if you know what I mean.

    As the mom of small kids, I feel like a disturbing amount of the conversations I have with my husband are related to the kids’ bathroom habits.

  2. says

    Interesting article. I think it’s great to consider the signs of bad health before problems become tragedy. Thanks for posting.

  3. says

    Ok, not to be a pill about this, but is there any research at all that says that sunburning easily is due (even partially) to toxins in the diet? I’m a big fan of eating healthy, clean, real food — but I’m also a fan of making sure that the arguments in favor of said food are substantiated. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, and we (as real food advocates) are less likely to reach the audience we’re trying to communicate with.

    All throughout my life it has seemed that people with fair complexions burn easily (regardless of diet), and those with more olive/darker complexions don’t. I’ve even seen this within my own family, where siblings — who all eat the same food — sunburn differently based on the lightness of their skin.

    So, is there any research about this? Any source?

  4. says

    I can sooo relate to this post!! I have two autoimmune diseases, get sick constantly, sunburn easily and now I am into day 14 of a cold and chest infection! I need to make changes URGENTLY!
    thanks for writing an AWESOME blog.

  5. I_like_to_read says

    I agree with this blog post completely! I used to just eat whatever, do whatever the doctor told me, and really didn't pay attention or bother researching anything and well, I was sick A LOT. Since I "woke up", I do tons of research, I eat real foods, I don't even see a doctor (don't have to, NEVER sick!), I cured my own cancer through diet (Yes, it's true!), I don't get vaccinated for anything and I distill my city-provided tap water to remove the fluoride and chlorine as well as all the other crud they put in it (I do have a filter that adds back in natural and necessary minerals after distillation). Bottom line, if you pay attention to what your body tells you and you treat it right with good nutrition and avoid unnecessary chemicals, toxins, and pesticides then you will be very healthy indeed.

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