Real Food Activism Ideas

Are you passionate about real food?  Do you want to do more than just change the way your family is eating? 

Real food activism is important right now.  If you haven’t heard, there have been several raids on coops and farms selling raw milk and raw milk products — even in states where such sales are legal.  The raids were illegal, but they destroyed, in some cases, thousands of dollars of products, for no reason at all.  The news S. 510 bill (which may be dead; we’ll have to wait and see) would severely restrict certain types of food sales and would increase the government’s authority to seize products if there “reason to believe it may be contaminated.”  Which opens the door for more raw milk raids, since ‘all raw milk is contaminated, because it is raw.’

Clearly something needs to be done.

What can you do?

Donate to farm funds.    Morningland Dairy.  Vernon Hershberger.   Rawesome.

Write to your congressmen.

Join Weston A. Price Foundation (and attend local meetings).

Write blog posts.

Visit or help start a farmer’s market.

Avoid “regular” grocery stores as much as possible (vote with your dollars!)

Visit health food stores regularly.

Find and buy from a local farm (directly).  Small plug, if you are in the Central Ohio area and want to join my farm buying group, send me an email!


This is important, everyone.  We can’t let ourselves be bullied into thinking there is one right way to eat, and it’s how the U.S. government says.  We can’t back down because people who don’t understand say we’re crazy.

How else do you participate in real food activism?


  1. says

    Just heard on the radio something about them trying to "crack down" on raw milk sales – so frustrating….you would think in a free country we would be free to eat as we choose! I'm pretty new on all this, so don't feel like I have made an impact, but I do belong to our local Weston Price & I am going to link this to my blog – Thanks for your insight!

  2. Lauren says

    Here in North Carolina you can only buy raw milk as pet food, and only two people sell it as such (and they tried to make a rule that dyed it gray with charcoal dye–yuck, but the rule got disapproved). Most people just go over the border to SC or get a cow share in VA.

    But cow shares (and other livestock shares) are illegal. However, there is a bill to reverse that, and the state senate passed it, but the House referred it to the evil clutches of the Commission on Agriculture (VERY anti-raw milk), and it's been sitting there idle since May of 2007! Any ideas on getting bills moving again other than writing to my congressman? Unfortunately the bill's sponsor (Kay Hagan) graduated from the state senate to the US Senate…so it seems to have no one to champion the cause (most of which is to help our local farmers and our state economy!) Sigh…Any thoughts? Any fellow North Carolinians know where to find some good, clean raw pet milk somewhere?

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