Baby Steps Series

admin February 6, 2010

Since some people have expressed interest in making changes to their lifestyles, but they don’t seem to know where to start (it is overwhelming!), I’m starting this “baby steps” series. Each Saturday I will discuss some baby steps you can do in different areas of life if you are ready to make changes. I hope some of you will take the challenges along with me!

In each post, I’ll give you three baby steps you can try that will make a big difference in your lifestyle. Since I’ve been doing this stuff for three years (or so), I know that it can take a long time to really make these changes! It’s so hard to know where to start. But three small things is not too much to try. Some of the baby steps you may choose to do out of order, and of course it will depend on how important something is to you. For example, I never really wore make up, so stopping entirely to improve my personal care routine and reduce my exposure to chemicals was no big deal to me. But some women feel really naked without their make up and that would be a really HUGE deal! (I’m trying to keep things like this in mind, as well as other potential limitations when I create the baby steps.) I’ll also link to other bloggers’ sets of baby steps sometimes so that you can get another perspective.

Get ready to change your life! You’ll see the following themes (approximately once per month each, except for some special posts):

Baby Steps in the Kitchen
Baby Steps in the Medicine Cabinet
Baby Steps Around the House
Baby Steps in Personal Care

Next Saturday’s post is “In the Kitchen.” If there are any questions about the baby steps, please feel free to send them in or post them!

Here is a list of the current Baby Steps Posts:

Baby Steps in the Kitchen, Part 1

Baby Steps in the Kitchen, Part 2

Baby Steps in the Kitchen, Part 3

Baby Steps in Personal Care, Part 1

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  1. What a great idea, and a nice thing to do for others, too! I'm going to make a note to come back here saturday to see your tips.


  2. Baby steps IS a good idea! Happy TILT!


  3. Great idea! How about recipe organization in the kitchen? Or creative spice storage for a small kitchen–those are my 2 major battles 🙂

    Can't wait to read what you have to offer!


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