Coconut Flour Giveaway!

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Today’s giveaway is from Tropical Traditions!  It is a 2.2 lb. bag of coconut flour!  I LOVE coconut flour and I use it all the time.  There are a few recipes on here for coconut flour recipes (chocolate coconut muffins, for one).  There are many more recipes on the Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour Recipes blog, too.  Coconut flour is full of fiber and protein and is great for you.  Even if you’re not grain or gluten-free, you can replace a small amount of regular wheat flour with coconut flour (adding an equal amount of extra liquid) in any recipe

There are 10 entries, plus a bonus entry if you do ALL of these!  This giveaway will close on Sunday (Mar. 7, 2010) at 12 AM, and I will announce the winner by 8 PM Sunday.  The winner must contact me by Monday (Mar. 8, 2010) at 8 PM with their full name and mailing address.

1. Leave a comment about why you would like to win

2. Visit Tropical Traditions and tell me your favorite product

3. Follow Tropical Traditions on Twitter

4. Subscribe via RSS or email to this blog (remember you have to re-subscribe on the new site)

5. Follow me on Twitter

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7. Tweet about this giveaway

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9. Search through this blog and tell me your favorite entry

10. Look through the blog and tell me your favorite new feature or what you like about the new site!

If you can do ALL of them, then I will give you a bonus entry!  Leave each entry as a SEPARATE comment (including an 11th to say “I did them all!” if you did).  There are ELEVEN possible entries.  So if you don’t do Twitter or Facebook, that’s okay, you can still do the others to enter!


  1. Bethany says

    I use their Virgin coconut oil for all kinds of things and would love to try their coconut flour for my baking!!

  2. Bethany says

    My favorite post here so far was 2/20’s Baby Steps in the Kitchen, Part 2. I’m intrigued about using coconut milk in place of my usual 2%!

  3. Bethany says

    Favorite new feature on the site…It’s tough because I found this blog shortly before you started the new site, so I don’t remember the old one that well, but I really like the most popular topics that you have on the right side. It makes it easy for me to look for things I want to know by subject. Thanks so much!

  4. Liesel Kautz says

    I like your Mama Cloth post. It’s very convincing and trust me, I was NOT at all convinced previously. I still haven’t tried it yet but…

  5. Liesel Kautz says

    I like that you have links right at the bottom to popular resources. Very helpful for lazy sleep deprived Mommas.

  6. Rachel says

    I really like the coconut cream in coffee or hot chocolate. It gives a light taste of coconut – not too much.

  7. susanb says

    I have been reading up on coconut oil and flour and would love to try some of this. I’m already using coconut oil in cooking and baking (and tea!) so this is the logical next step. Thanks!

  8. Michelle says

    well i have been interested in coconut flour for awhile but have resisted paying so much for it yet…i would love to TRY some:) and then probably be hooked on it and need to go buy my own! thanks for the fun giveaways…

  9. Michelle says

    what else i like about this site? the recipes all in one place!! (at least i think that is new…i wasnt on the old blog very long before you switched here!)

  10. Melissa W. says

    I would love to win because I love all the Tropical Traditions products that I’ve tried. I’m sure this one would be fabulous too! I’ve read about all the side effects from wheat/gluten and know that coconut flour is a good alternative.

  11. Melissa W. says

    I love all their products, but recently I really love the Baby Silk Moisturizing Cream. We use it as a lotion, face cream, lip balm, on rough skin patches, etc. It’s awesome!

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