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It’s been a hard week.  There’s nothing worse than being sick when you’re pregnant, unless of course it’s other family members being sick, including your husband — for days on end.  Oh, the joys of the GAPS diet and poor gut health….  It’s left them (Ben and Bekah) susceptible to infections that they otherwise might not be.  Daniel and I were sick, too, last week…but we had a day of stomach upset and feeling tired (but otherwise okay) and then a minor cold.  It didn’t slow us down really.  No big deal.  (Though may I say, sneezing while you’re pregnant is not fun because you almost pee your pants most of the time….)

Ben and Bekah, though, have no energy, little appetite, fevers, chills, headaches, colds, and just are not feeling well at all.  It’s been this way for days.  We’re hoping that it’s getting better soon.  It’s hard on them, to feel so sick and not want to do anything.  And it’s hard on me to care for everyone and keep the household running.  It’s been mainly on autopilot: doing only what I really have to do.

Now I am almost 15 weeks pregnant.  It seems strange because I am quickly getting to be “really pregnant,” rather than “newly pregnant.”  Far enough into it that this is really going to happen, I’m starting to show, all of that.  Soon I’ll feel my baby move.  That is my favorite part because it’s when I really bond with my baby.  I love to lie still and just feel my baby and think about him or her.

I’m still having trouble eating enough.  I’m just so busy that I don’t take the time to eat.  I don’t buy premade foods so I don’t have things I can grab easily.  Recently, I got lucky, though: Monday was our most stressful day with the illnesses and such, and when we got home from the chiropractor and accupuncturist, there was a package waiting for us on the porch.  It was from Applegate Farms.  They sent me several packages of their newest products to try!  It was so nice.  All of them were easy to eat, too: a couple of types of lunch meat (pepperoni and chicken breast) and some sausage (pork and turkey).  I was able to give my kids lunch meat, cheese, and apples for dinner without having to do any work, and sausage for breakfast in the morning was easy too (it comes precooked).  It really was perfect timing, because I was at a loss for what to cook, I had a headache and I just did not want to do anything.  Plus I was behind on work here, the kids were whiny, and Ben still could not do much at all.  So nice.

I’ve cheated a tiny bit on the no-grains thing, but found something interesting: I haven’t really liked the grains that I’ve had at all, with the possible exception of corn chips (love those things).  It’s just strange because even things I used to love just don’t taste good to me anymore.  And I definitely don’t feel quite as well when I eat them.  Instead I’m likely to have apples with peanut butter, or celery with peanut butter, or pickles and cheese, or things like this for snack.  I do feel better this way.

It’ll be a few more weeks until my next midwives’ appointment, but I don’t expect anything unusual will occur there anyway.  We’re just marking time right now, until I start to really get bigger and the baby gets active.  The kids are interested; Daniel points out every baby he sees and Bekah talks all about what we will do with the baby (“I have to be gentle.  I can’t hit the baby.  I will hold the baby and carry it”).  Haha…yes on the gentle, we’ll see about holding it!  I can’t wait until they can feel and see it move once it’s bigger.  That will be so fun!

For now, though…we’re doing the best we can, with all this GAPS stuff, and illnesses, and trying to get by.  Not so easy ever, and even less so in pregnancy.  But at least Daniel’s sleeping better, so I do get some rest — most of the time!


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    Through both of my latest pregnancies, I coughed for the first three months. They even tested me for whooping cough at one point!.. It was miserable to have morning sickness and cough like a maniac. To top it all off, I couldn't take anything for it. Sad face. Hope everyone feels better soon.

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    Get better soon! I love reading your blog… I'm 25 too. I live in Spain and am studying a master in food policy, and I love reading about your lovely little family. I don't know many people my age with families set up, and it's really nice to read about what you feed them, and your pregnancies, and to know that there are other people my age who have the food thing worked out a bit better.
    Most of my friends have been pretty receptive to the way I eat, and have changed a few things about their diets, buying better quality foods, eating good butter, raw milk cheeses etc. But I would love to know more people here who are as geeky about it as I am – instead I blab to their tired ears as much as I can before they run away….

    I hope you all feel better soon!


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