Pregnancy Journal: Pregnancy Symptoms on “Real Food”

admin February 24, 2011

Well, here I am, at almost 17 weeks!  This is flying by.  I am just so busy these days!  I do feel the baby move sometimes now and I’m still feeling very comfortable.  The baby doesn’t move too much yet, and frankly, the older kids keep me so busy that I don’t think I’ll pay as much attention to this one until I have to.  I sure hope s/he pops out both generally calm, but ready to demand attention when necessary!  And definitely ready to fight the older ones for his/her share of the toys and games when it comes time for that!

In my previous two pregnancies, especially my first (when I ate SAD) I had a lot of symptoms that I just don’t this time.  It’s making me think that some of them are not just “par for the course” in pregnancy.  I know that when you get pregnant, you hear all the horror stories about the crazy symptoms you’ll experience and how “horrible” pregnancy (and labor!) can be.  But I don’t think it always has to be that way.  I think an excellent diet can make a real difference!

For example, I struggled a lot with dizziness in my second trimester if I didn’t eat constantly.  But I’m not this time.  I still feel better if I eat all my meals, especially breakfast, but I don’t feel like I have to “stuff” myself in order to ward off not feeling well.  A few good, nourishing meals and a snack or two is plenty.  Some days I don’t even have the snacks and I still feel fine.  I think my body was crying out for nutrition, not just calories, but I didn’t understand that before.

And although this is rather indelicate, I think it could possibly help, so I’ll tell!  In my first pregnancy, I really struggled with both diarrhea and constipation.  And in my second, constipation.  I’ll be honest, my first time around I was definitely still fully in SAD-mode and didn’t think twice about OTC drugs.  When I saw women on TV who refused to take anything while pregnant I thought they were a little crazy (ha!).  I relied heavily on Immodium to get me through.  It happened to also help my nausea, which was nice.  At the end of both pregnancies, and for awhile after, I had hemorroids.  Fun, right?

I haven’t had any of that this time.

Now, that’s not to say things aren’t, um, different.  Let’s just say that before, I was pretty regular, and now I’m a bit more “random.”  But when I do go, everything’s just fine.  I attribute this to the fact that digestion does slow down in pregnant women because your body attempts to grab every last nutrient from the food you eat.  And that’s happened.  But I’ve eaten enough fat, nutrients, and stayed well-hydrated enough that I do not actually have problems with it.  I just go less frequently.  It is sooooo much better.  I’ve also noted that I go even less frequently when I don’t eat grains.  It seems the other foods are just digested so well and so thoroughly that I don’t need to.  Interesting, hmm?

Now, just in case you think I’m sailing through smoothly here…I’ll be honest about something else!  I’m carrying this baby very low already.  And that means that when I cough or sneeze, or just suddenly need to go to the bathroom now, it’s, ah…kind of likely I’ll pee my pants a little.  Oops.  I don’t think there’s too much I can do about that!  My friends and I (many of us are currently pregnant for the second or third time) had a lovely discussion about how much we pee our pants recently.  It also came up that some of us are potty training our toddlers, or did so recently, and the types of comments we get from them when we accidentally pee are pretty funny.  Ha.

Now, as much as I’m sure we love to discuss bathroom issues and other less-than-fun pregnancy symptoms (ha), let’s move on!

About a week ago I found out about an exciting opportunity.  A baby website called Babble was looking for a new pregnancy blogger to join their ranks.  They’d read my blog here, and had asked me if I’d be interested!  After a few emails back and forth to learn some more about the position, I said yes!  Starting on April 1st, you’ll be able to find me posting daily over at Babble.  Monday through Friday, I’ll be telling little anecdotes about babies and pregnancy and how things are going here.  So if you like reading this pregnancy journal and wish there was more out there, now there will be!

This week I also got to visit my midwives again!  That is always so fun.  We spent a lot of time talking about how the kids are doing with the pregnancy, and how I’m feeling about everything.  I mentioned I’ve been stressed by the events of the last few months.  I also haven’t gained any weight (likely because I was sick).  I mentioned I’ve had more headaches in the last few days, and we found trace protein in my urine.  This is likely due to my blood volume increasing, and because I need more rest and fluids.  You know, the usual. 🙂

In upcoming weeks, I’ll be talking about bonding with a baby before birth, encouraging siblings to bond/get involved, choosing a pediatrician (or not), how long you should “stop your life” after baby is born, and lots of other baby and pregnancy issues!  If you’re curious about what we’ve chosen on any particular issue, feel free to ask and I’ll write about it in the future!

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  1. Hello!
    A word on the "oops I peed a little" scenario. I had that problem during and after my first FOUR pregnancies. But with number five, I started doing squats and kegels per my midwife's counsel, and I didn't struggle with it as much, and haven't at all since she was born. So maybe there IS something you can do. 🙂 I think the squats (rather than bending over, I just squatted every time I had to pick something up, etc., which is a lot with 5 kids) helped the most.



  2. I'm so excited to share this with you, because I've discovered this works! And you have shared so much in my life- I've been sprouting grains for the first time this week!
    Anyway, about the "oops, I peed"- I had that with my first 3 babies. But with baby #4 (things should be getting worse, right?) I did something different- I did pregnancy yoga which the dvd I used involved a lot of squatting (see the pose at the link below). Also throughout the day I squatted periodically (getting clothes out of the dryer, etc.) Google "hunter gatherer squat" and check out the links below. After I had my baby, I mean RIGHT AFTER there was absolutely no incontinence whatsoever. Awesome!!
    Kegels have done diddly squat for me, and I hated doing them, but I love doing this squat- it just feels good to me!


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