Pregnancy Journal: Everything’s So Different!!

admin March 3, 2011

Yes…it’s just a belly shot. It was the end of a long day and I needed a shower, so…there you go.

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Almost week 18…and I do look pregnant now!  There’s a new picture above so you can see just how much. 🙂  I sure do feel it too, in ways I never have before!

It’s getting a little crazy at this point.  I was sure that I knew how my body “did” pregnancy.  After all, despite some very obvious differences between my first two pregnancies, they were largely the same.  Okay, that sounds stupid….  Let me explain.  I was sicker with my first (girl and eating SAD) than my second, I carried much wider and higher, and my breasts were more sore early on.  Those were my main symptoms it was a “girl pregnancy,” and the lack thereof signaled, clearly, a “boy” pregnancy.  But my symptoms appeared around the same time, morning sickness tapered off around the same time, I experienced the same second-trimester symptoms (dizziness if I didn’t eat enough), I had the same energy levels, etc.  A few minor, key differences — but otherwise very similar.

This time…whoa.  It’s just not the same at all.

It started out like a “girl” pregnancy.  I was sick initially, and the morning sickness seemed to peak around 5.5 weeks.  I felt like I was getting “wider” right away.  I was sure it was a girl.

But then I started to carry low…and feel differently.  It seemed more like a boy.

Now I’m just confused.  My morning sickness “went away” by 10 weeks, which is usual.  But some form persists even now, which never happened either of the other two times.  I still have weird cravings that I have to fulfill, and strange food aversions.  I walked around Whole Foods over the weekend and everything on their hot bar looked disgusting.  Even though I usually love eating there.

I’m in a precarious balance.  I have to be very, very careful or I will just be exhausted and have a headache.  I’ve had a headache more often than not for over a week!  (Not a terrible one.)  I’ve found if I eat enough, sleep enough, rest enough, exercise enough, eat and drink enough, and eat/drink the right things, I will not have a headache.  But if I do not fulfill all of these things I will!  I have to make sure that I drink my electrolyte drink, not water, that I have kombucha everyday (but not ginger), that I eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables, and so on.

Sometimes I feel like I have to get up and move around.  But 10 minutes later I’m exhausted and I have to sit.  10 minutes after that I’m antsy again.  I have never been this exhausted in the second trimester before.  I’m also feeling sore now, too — also never happened in the second trimester.

I still have no interest in cooking or eating much.  Oh, I’m starving all the time.  But I want whatever is absolutely easiest.  I will stick with taco salads, eggs, smoothies, celery and peanut butter — whatever is fastest to make and eat.  I have no interest in cooking fancy meals, not even things that require soaking or marinating in advance.  And that is not like me at all, I usually love to cook and really enjoy my time in the kitchen.

The first time we heard the baby’s heartbeat, it was 160.  I thought, “Oh…a girl!”  Bekah’s heartbeat was always faster, around 160.

But the second time we heard the baby’s heartbeat, it was only 140.  And I thought, “Umm…what?” Now I don’t know what to think.

I’m carrying ultra-low…but measuring right on.  (When Daniel was ultra-low, he measured 3 weeks behind!  I do tend to carry small.  And I’m not.)

We can’t help but still wonder…twins?  Boy-girl twins, to be exact.  Maybe at the first appointment we heard the girl, and the second we heard the boy?  Since we haven’t had any ultrasounds we don’t know for sure.

And of course, we could be completely crazy.  But long before I got pregnant this time, I had this idea that it had to be twins this time.  Ben keeps thinking it must be.  Our family keeps asking.  Of course, I also had the idea that this entire situation (getting pregnant, the pregnancy, and eventually the baby!) will be completely different from my first two.  Which it is.

Maybe that’s all it is: different.  Who knows!  I guess in a few months we will find out!  In the meantime I’ll deal with the exhaustion and do what I need to do to keep myself balanced!

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  1. I'll tell you what's different this time, you have 2 kids already! Lol! I'm on my third pregnancy and so many things have been the same and so many have been different. I too have been more tired than either other one. I've also been sick more. I've vomited more with this pregnancy than I have in 10 years! And it's just super sensitive. If I get too upset, tired, eat too much, the wrong thing, whatever, I'll puke. It's so weird. But I'm also still caring for a 2 and 4 year old through out the day and night which i am sure is more of a contributed to my issues than anything else. I was convinced at first this one would be a girl since it was so different and i was so much sicker and tireder but alas it is a third boy! Leading me to believe it is really more of the changes in my life that are making this pregnancy seem so different.

    I'm now due in 2 weeks and I'm tnking it'll be sooner and way faster. I keep joking that he's just going to fall out when the time comes! Kind of an advantage to the body having done this before. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon, but you will probably stay the same for the duration honestly. But that's ok! Each pregnancy is special and starts the story of your Childs life!


  2. Woo hoo! Almost half way! And maybe twins?!? How exciting!


  3. So I’m late to the party here, but have similar things going on with my third pregnancy and I’m dying to know if it ended up being twins???


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