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admin February 24, 2012

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It’s time…to look for more contributing writers!

I’ve worked with a handful of excellent women over the last several months, but as always — life gets in the way sometimes.  Some of my writers have had to leave because their own businesses or families needed them more.  We will miss them.  This leaves me with some spots to fill!

I am hoping for three women to join me here as contributing writers.  Contributing writers bring a unique voice and perspective to this site, increasing the value for readers.  This will make a total of 6 writers, and we work as a team. 🙂  (Current contributors are Stacy of Stacy Makes Cents, Justyn of Creative Christian Mama, and Debra from Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes.)

I’m looking for the following attributes in writers:

1)      Solid writing skills — All writers must be able to write well.  That is, free of grammar and spelling errors, requiring little to no editing from me.  Writers should use a good, conversational style appropriate to a blog, do appropriate research where necessary, and write well-thought-out posts (similar to the type I usually do in style).  This includes writing posts that use sub-headings, bullet points, bolded key points, etc. for easy readability.  Read my posts to get an idea of the style I’m looking for.

2)      Adherence to deadlines — I need writers who are on top of their schedules and don’t need any micro-managing from me.  The ideal writer meets all deadlines (submitting topics and finished articles) without reminders.  Writers will post once per month, will know their dates well in advance, and are expected to submit their posts one week prior to their post date directly into WordPress.  Topics and dates will be discussed in a private Facebook group.

3)      “Alternative” lifestyle — It’s important that we are like-minded.  I welcome having different thoughts and perspectives, but in general your lifestyle should be similar to mine.  That is, into real food, natural health, Biblical Christianity, and so forth.  My readers come for that type of information and I don’t want to disappoint!

If this sounds like something that might be a good fit for you, then Apply to be a contributing writer.  That’s the application form to fill out.  Please email me ( if you have any questions.

All applications will be read and prayed about, and we’ll make a decision and email the chosen writers by next Friday, Mar. 2.  Thanks, and good luck!

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  1. The link to the application isn’t working right now. Can you let me know when it is fixed or just e-mail it to me? Thanks.


  2. […] living conference and my submission was denied. I also applied to be a contributing writer at Modern Alternative Mama. I haven’t heard back, but since the application said all selected writers would be notified […]


  3. I am so sorry I found out too late about this opportunity! Well, in case you’re still interested, I am a passionate natural health practitioner, food activits and blogger. I mostly blog about natural health, customized nutrition and sustainable living. I’ve been also writing health articles for and in the past, for a limited time.

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    Thank you!


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