Recipe Collection: Garlic Green Beans

I’ve never been a huge fan of green beans…unless they come in casserole form.

But these, I like.  And I serve them at least once a week, even though my family frowns.  My husband eats them, reluctantly.  My 4-year-old sometimes splits them open and pulls the tiny beans out of the center.  My 2-year-old ignores them, or plops them on my plate.  That’s okay.  I’m happy to have more. :)

Best of all?  They’re simple.  Yet, they’re “fancy” enough to serve to guests, if you like.



Put your green beans in a medium frying pan over medium heat.

Add your garlic and oil.

Saute until they begin to blister just a little bit.

Done!  Serve alongside meatloaf, or beef and potatoes, or whatever you like. :)

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How do you like your green beans?


  1. says

    I know from experience that either fresh or frozen green beans work with this cooking method — this is how we always cook ours except we add a healthy twist or two of freshly ground black pepper. YUM!

    Blessings, ~Lisa


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