Happy Labor Day!

admin September 3, 2012

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Happy Labor Day!  I hope you’re enjoying your holiday. 🙂  We’ve spent it with family, and my middle son went to the air show with my husband and father.  He loves all “things that go!”  We picked up quite a few apples (4 bushels, or 160 lbs.)  and will be spending the next few days canning like crazy!  It’s a very busy season, but we love the results!  You’ll be seeing apple recipes coming up, including my low- sugar apple pie filling that we will use throughout the year for soaked apple crisp!  (Very quick and healthy breakfast.)

Next week we’ll be back to Monday Health & Wellness and you’ll see more of my winter remedies.  Any thoughts on what types of remedies would be most helpful for you?

Later this week you’ll see the update on my Amish trip — what I found, what wasn’t so cheap, and some creative ideas on what to do with it all.  With it being canning and stock-up season, it’s very important that I use up everything I have in the best ways possible.  I don’t have a lot of money to buy everything since so much is going to my stock-up trips.  It save me money in the long run, though!

You’ll also be seeing more homeschooling ideas, organizing your home, and some tips on staying healthy this winter (you’ll see a lot more of that in October).  There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up!

Enjoy your holiday!

What did you do over Labor Day weekend?

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  1. Looking forward to apple recipes that don’t envolve much sugar. Also looking forward to seeing the results of your shopping trip to Amish country. I’m always amazed of the resources that are basically outside my back door that people don’t take advantage of. Apple season comes early over there. Ours won’t really start until mid-September here in WA state!


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