Healthy Living Bundle Sale (And FREE Prizes!) — Last Chance and CONTEST!

Don’t forget about this amazing deal!  The Healthy Living Bundle sells for just $29, which is less than $1/book!  Today and tomorrow are your last chances, and you don’t want to miss this.  PLUS you get $45 in FREE bonuses AND a chance to win one of three great prizes!!

This is a collection of 34 healthy-living books from authors across the web.  And it’s amazing!  You don’t want to miss this.  (Look at the bottom of this post for an awesome contest!!)

I own all of these ebooks, and have had several of them for quite some time.  I’ve read  Real Food on a Real Budget cover to cover and it really motivated me to make some changes to the way I do my food budget — and I know it can help you too.  Healthy Snacks to Go is a really practical and excellent book, full of healthy real-food snacks that really do go with you.  I check it out for inspiration when I’m in a snack rut.  Real Fast Food is also excellent, because it tells you how to make real food and save time in the kitchen, and has some really unique recipes for chocolate chip cookies, homemade dips, and even your own pasta.  Easy Homemade, too, has lots of great homemade pantry staples, including for fancy coffee drinks, condiments like ketchup, and more (way to save money and get high quality foods!).

I’m excited to dive into Simple Scrubs to Make and Give, because I absolutely love homemade beauty products.  They’re easy, safe, and oh-so-fun to use (can we say “pampering time for Mom?”).  Don’t Compost It, Cook It must be totally fascinating…I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I know I have lots of kitchen scraps that I stare at, sigh over, and throw out…because I don’t know what to do with them.  If I could use them, that would be so awesome!  Wardeh is the queen of sourdough and I’ve learned so much from her site, GNOWFGLINS, so I can only imagine what an excellent resource her  Sourdough A to Z must be!

There are tons more books in here than those, but even just the ones I listed above are still worth more than twice the purchase price.  Seriously!

 It contains:

Real Food Meals For The Whole Family

Baking, Snacks And Desserts

Homemade “Everything” (Condiments, Pantry Basics, Etc.)

Grain Free And Paleo/Primal Eating

Saving Money On Real Food

Skincare And Beauty

Homesteading, Gardening And Preserving

Healthy Lifestyle

Pregnancy And Babies

Those are some truly awesome books!

The best part?  This bundle costs just $29!  That’s less than $1/book!  For a package worth over $300, you simply can’t beat that deal.  That’s more than 90% off.

This healthy living bundle ends TOMORROW!   So if you want it, you have to buy quickly!

Owning these books will actually save you money.  There are books to teach you how to more effectively use your kitchen scraps, how to properly stock your pantry, how to save money on real food, how to make your own skin care products (safely and naturally), how to make your own herbal medicines, and more!  The bundle will literally pay for itself with the money you’ll save!  

One of the biggest complaints I hear from readers is that so much of the ‘alternative’ lifestyle just isn’t affordable.  They can’t figure out how to get their food budget down, not spend all day in the kitchen, afford organic beauty products, and buy herbal medicines.  These books will teach you in a simple and easy way how do all these things yourself for a tiny fraction of the cost of purchasing.  I’ve used Herbal Nurturing quite a bit and it inspired me to come up with many of the herbal remedies that I have now posted.  When I first read the book, I was totally in awe of anyone who could actually competently prepare their own home remedies, much less write a book to share it with others!  I coveted that book. If you’re not sure how to afford herbal medicine or where to start with it, you need that book.  I went from “Wow, this is way over my head” two years ago to “I can totally do this” today.

In case you’re not already convinced, you’ll also get $45 in free prizes — a trial pack from Real Salt (I love their products), a three-month membership from Plan to Eat, and a sourdough or buttermilk culture (your choice) from Cultures for Health!  All FREE!  That means that you’re basically getting paid to buy this bundle — $45 in free, awesome real food products…for buying a $29 bundle of books that will teach you how to make your own stuff and save more money?

If that weren’t amazing enough, everyone who purchases is entered to win one of three great prizes — an Omega juicer, a Berkey water filter, or an Excalibur dehydrator!  I have two of those three products and use them very frequently.  They’re not cheap, but they’re a really great addition to a real food kitchen.  Just for buying this bundle, which already gives you the tools to make your home more awesome, you have a chance to win them!  (You can also enter this giveaway without purchase.)

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal.  Seriously — some of my favorite ebooks are in here!  And you will not find any other sale or deal that will match this one.  Not even holiday specials.  This is *the best* deal on these ebooks.  Buy it now!

If you’ve already purchased yours, you might consider giving this bundle as a Christmas gift to friends and family (please purchase separate bundles, do not share the books — that takes away an author’s earnings!).  If you have someone in your life who’s new to the natural lifestyle and really wanting to do new things and just doesn’t know where to start, this bundle is an absolutely perfect gift.  You could change someone’s life this holiday season by giving them this information as a gift.  Plus, they can use the codes offered at purchase to redeem the free gifts themselves — extra gifts for them, and awesome real food products to get them started towards healthier living.  Not to mention that for someone who has “too much stuff” (and who doesn’t?  I do!), this gift won’t clutter or take up space.

At this point there are only 24 hours left to buy this, and then this package will not be available any longer or ever again.  Pray, talk to your spouse, do whatever you need to do — but remember there’s not much time left.  Maybe you can call it an early Christmas gift to yourself, if you need to. :)  And I really, sincerely believe that this bundle is an amazing deal, filled with extremely helpful ebooks.  If I weren’t a participating author in the sale (we all got the bundle for free, but not the extra gifts), I would have bought it!  (And I would have enjoyed those bonus gifts a lot too!)

The Contest

Just to make things a little more interesting, since this is the final day for the sale, I thought I’d offer a little extra incentive.

In case all the free bonuses and the chance to win one of the three great prizes wasn’t enough to motivate you, I thought I’d throw in my own prize.  You can be entered to win a package of two of my ebooks — Wholesome Comfort and Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts.  These two are absolutely excellent for this season, because they’re filled with healthy desserts and comfort food so that you don’t have to miss out during the cold weather and holiday festivities.  And they’re not included in this package, so it’s an offer above and beyond the 34 books you’re already getting.

I just love my readers so much and I want you to get the most excellent deal possible!  That’s why I decided to do this. :)

There are some simple ways to enter (and yes, if you purchased earlier this week through MAM, you qualify to enter).  We’re doing it via Rafflecopter, so enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners (3 of them) will be announced on Monday.  Happy purchasing, and good luck!

What book(s) are you most looking forward to reading?  If you’ve already got yours, what do you like most?


  1. royalpriestess says


    I’ve just bought the Healthy Living bundle and I look forward to reading through them, but unfortunately I can’t benefit from the Redmond Real Salt and Cultures for Health bonuses as I live in the UK.

    I know $29 is a bargain just for the eBooks alone, but maybe it would be good to make clear that readers outside the USA may not be able to receive some of the bonuses.


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