Black Friday Deals — Get Healthy Cookbooks for Christmas!

admin November 22, 2012

Just for fun, it’s time for some Black Friday specials!

This Christmas, instead of getting gifts that will take up space in peoples’ homes and may or may not be used, give someone the gift of real food.  These ebooks are in .pdf form and can be printed (if you like), read on mobile devices or ereaders, or directly on your computer.  You do not need to have any sort of special reader (just the free Adobe .pdf reader installed on your computer), but you can put them on special readers.  They are pretty versatile.

These are our deals for Black Friday (scroll down).  We’ll have some more awesome deals on Cyber Monday, including a surprise reprise of the Healthy Living Bundle Sale!  You don’t want to miss that.

About the Books

Real Food Basics

This was my very first ebook, released almost two years ago!  If you’re brand-new to real food and just not sure what to do, this book can help.  It details baby steps, what to have in your kitchen (both food and equipment), what to do about dairy and grains, why fat is healthy, and lots more!  Some people think of it as Nourishing Traditions-lite.  🙂  If you’re also struggling because real food seems “weird” and your family doesn’t want to eat it, you’ll love this book.  It contains recipes for family favorites like cheese sauce, pizza, French fries, meatloafspaghetti sauce, sausage gravy, and more.  There are no weird ingredients and all the dishes are recognizable.  Enjoy!  Normally sells for $6.95.

Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods

Pregnant?  (Me too!)  If you’re struggling with what to eat and how to be healthy, and not sure what to do with all the crazy “rules” surrounding pregnancy diets, this book is for you.  It’s full of practical tips on how to eat a healthy diet, and there are only two rules: skip the junk, and eat lots of super foods.  The book contains 30 recipes that are full of super foods — up to 7 per recipe!  Plus they are delicious for people of all ages, including chicken and wild rice soup, maple nut granola bars, chicken marsala, garlic- butter salmon, and lots more.  Normally sells for $8.95.

Against the Grain

Are you grain-free or on GAPS?  This book is perfect.  It explains a bit of the why and what of grain-free and the GAPSdiet, then it has 30 entirely grain-free recipes.  27 of them are GAPS-friendly (a few include potatoes).  Enjoy chicken with tomato-cream sauce, spicy marinated beef strips, garden vegetable soup, vanilla and chocolate white bean cake, and more!  Normally sells for $7.95.

Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts

Who says you can’t have your cake, and eat it too?  Most desserts are filled with white flour, white sugar, vegetable shortening, and lots of yucky preservatives.  With this book, you’re getting only whole grains (or grain-free options), real butter, and sucanat, maple syrup, or honey.  It’s all wholesome ingredients, so you don’t need to feel bad about indulging!  This is one of my favorite books, with recipes like soaked eclairs (LOVE those), cinnamon rolls, carrot cake, lemon cake, strawberry yum-yum, and lots more.  So delicious!  Normally sells for $7.95.

Wholesome Comfort

Do you need some comfort food?  Fall’s right around the corner, so it’s time for some curl-up-in-your-PJs, stick-to-your-ribs type food.  The only problem is that most comfort food is full of white flour, white sugar, canned soups, and just plain junk!  But not this book.  You’ll find healthy versions involving real cream, butter, eggs, whole grains, and even grain-free options!  This book is perfect for blustery winter days or even holiday celebrations.  You’ll find recipes likeroast turkey, roast beef, stuffing, mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie, chicken and dumplings, and lots more.  Enjoy your comfort food and feel healthy after too!  Normally sells for $9.95 (and contains 42 recipes!).

Breast to Bib

Not sure what to feed your baby or toddler?  This book can help.  The first half contains many details about breastfeeding, what to do if you can’t breastfeed (and why that happens), theories about introducing solids to babies, when to introduce different foods, and more.  The second half is filled with baby and toddler-friendly recipes, likeguacamole, baby custard, pate, pigs-in-a-blanket, peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars, popcorn chicken, soaked tortillas, quesadillas, and lots more!  Many of the recipes make quick or freezable lunches for older kids or adults too!  Normally sells for $8.95.

Simply Summer 

Take advantage of the final, fresh tastes of summer with this book.  If you want to eat locally and seasonally, this is yourbook.  It’s full of light, fresh flavors that perfectly take advantage of summer’s bounty.  Here, you’ll find chicken, spinach and strawberry salad, lemon sherbet (no need for an ice cream maker!), sweet onion poppy seed dressing, roasted garlic dressing, cheddar bacon dip, tropical punch, pita chips, fruit salad with poppy seed dressing, peach upside down cake, and more!  Normally sells for $7.95.

The Codes

The best deal we are offering is getting 35% off The Complete Collection.  This is a collection of all my books.  The books, if purchased individually, would sell for $56.65.  The Complete Collection is normally $43.95, a 22% savings!  But on Black Friday you can get it for 35% off that price, only $28.57.  That’s a total of 50% off buying any book individually!  And it makes the average book price just $4.  The code to get the Complete Collection for 35% off is HOLIDAYCOLLECTION35.  This code expires at the end of the day.

We are also offering the opportunity to get any individual book for 50% off!  If you’re not ready to commit to the Complete Collection, you can purchase an individual book at 50% off.  The catch: this is only on the first 50 purchases, so it will go fast.  The code is BLACKFRIDAY50.

If you miss the 50% off deal, all books will be 30% off through the Sunday, 11/25.  The code for that is BLACKFRIDAY30.  It is still an amazing deal!

Other Black Friday Deals

Of course, I’m not the only one having major sales today!  Many of my blogging friends are as well.  I am affiliates of several and earn a small commission if you buy through me — thanks!

Modern Alternative Kitchen

Today is the official launch of Festive Traditions: A Real Food Guide to the Holidays!  You can get 50% off the first 50 with FESTIVE50.  If you miss that, you can use FESTIVELAUNCH25 for 25% off.  Don’t miss this book!

Real Food, Real Easy

Real Food, Real Easy is a great collection of real food recipes for newbies.  It’s a collaboration between myself, Stacy Makes Cents, Christian Mommy Blogger, Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes, The Humbled Homemaker, and Day 2 Day Joys.  Over 70 recipes, and it’s 50% off today with REALDEAL! 

Kitchen Stewardship

Stacy Makes Cents

Stacy just came out with a new cookbook, Crock On! With tons of yummy crock pot recipes.  There are selections like double chocolate peanut butter lava cake (seriously…), upside down apple pie, deluxe potato soup, pulled beef barbecue, cheeseburger sloppy joes, enchilada lasagna, pizza potatoes, broccoli casserole, and tons more!  If you love using your crock pot, you don’t want to miss this.  Buy Crock On!

Lexie Naturals

Every product in the Lexie Naturals store (natural baby and personal care products) is 25% off today, and 15% off tomorrow through Monday.

Quick and Easy, Cheap and Healthy

You can get 50% off Anne’s bookYour Grocery Budget Toolbox, all about saving money on your groceries.  No code needed; today only!

Plan to Eat

You can get 50% off the yearly subscription price at Plan to Eat, making it only $19 for the full year.  If you are already a subscriber, you can buy unlimited 1-year gift memberships for friends and family for $15.50!

Christian Mommy Blogger

Nikki’s book, Your Blogging Business: Tax Talk and Tips, is just $1 for today, using code BLACKDOLLAR.  Great for anyone who needs a little cheap tax advice from a professional CPA and blogger. 🙂

Essential Safe Products

All products are 20% off today (no code needed) at Essential Safe Products!

Road to 31

The ABCs for Godly Children is 50% off!

What’s on your shopping list this year?

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