Christmas Giveaway: Berkey

Welcome to our Week of Giveaways!  This is our way of saying “Merry Christmas” to our readers. :)  We think you’re all awesome and wanted to give you a Christmas gift — so all week, you’ll have the chance to win amazing prizes!  There will be two different prizes per day, one posted at 8 AM and one at 2 PM EST.  Each will have 7 different ways you can enter (all optional).  All giveaways will close on Saturday night, December 8th, at midnight, and all winners will be announced next Monday, 12/10.  (This is so our sponsoring companies have a chance to ship prizes to winners before the holidays.)  Good luck!

Today’s prize is 1 travel Berkey with 2 black elements from United Environmental Solutions!

The Berkey filter, as you may have heard, is one of my favorite products.  I’ve had one for over 18 months now and we use ours constantly.  It even leaks a little (only because my kids have knocked it over more than once; not because there’s anything wrong with the product) and we STILL use it daily.  I wouldn’t know what to do without it!

That’s because the Berkey is THE top water filter out there.  While most water filters that you can buy don’t get rid of most of the junk in your water, and a few powerful ones get rid of almost everything (including stripping water of all the important trace minerals; RO does this), Berkey manages to get rid of all the junk and still retain the natural minerals.  That means pesticides, herbicides, contaminants, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Berkey gets rid of it all.

I’ve also enjoyed working with Dan of United Environmental Solutions, who has provided us this Berkey filter.  He’s great at customer service, answering emails quickly.  He’s been a big help to us in figuring out what to do about the leaking Berkey even though he’s not the one who sold it to us.  When someone orders a Berkey from him, he follows up with them via phone or email to make sure he understands their needs and to ensure they get their product as quickly as possible.

In fact, Dan’s actually offering some pretty great discounts to our readers this week!  By ordering through United Environmental Solutions, you can get 5% off any Berkey system, or 20% off any additional black element filters!  (The filters last a super long time — 3 – 5 years for most families — and are not cheap.  This is an awesome discount!  To take advantage of it, go here.)

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  Comments on this post DO NOT count.  (Even for the entry that says ‘leave a blog post comment’ you must check it off on the Rafflecopter or it won’t count.)  Remember the giveaway ends on Saturday night, 12/8 at midnight.  Good luck!

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Why do you most want to win a Berkey?


  1. Leann L says

    I want to win because I have been wanting a berkey filter for a long time & I could once again drink my well water with this.

  2. Amanda says

    We have terrible water so I would love a good filtration system. Someday I hope to get the Big Berkey for our home.

  3. Sarah Hinrichs Cole says

    Our water filter just broke, and I was looking at buying a Berkey to replace it. Unfortunately, it was out of our budget, but to WIN one? That would be awesome!

  4. Stefanee Gonzales says

    Why do I want to win a Berkey Water Filter??? Why wouldn’t I? They are the absolute BEST water filter. Unfortunately, we are financially strapped and winning a giveaway would be the only way I could afford to install one of these to filter my well water. We have hard water to begin with and are surrounded by farmland. Serveral areas around us require more than a softener system and I worry that we should be doing more for our water, but without the funds for testing or filtering, it seems all I can do is worry. And lets not even get into a SHTF situation where we would be forced to leave our little homestead….ugh! No, winning one would be the only way, maybe I’ll stumble onto some luck, if not, a big WTG to whoever the winner is!

  5. Carolyn b says

    I have been wanting a Berkeley for a long time, but it just hasn’t been in our families budget. Awesome giveaway!!

  6. Michelle says

    Our sink water TASTES like chlorine to me. We use a Brita pitcher, but I wish I could do better!
    Would love love love a berkey.

  7. Vanessa Northway says

    I have been researching Berkey so much lately. Heard such great things about it. This would be awesome. I think I’ll order on from Dan also!!

  8. Steph says

    I live in IOWA-Land of cornfields, bean fields, GMO’s, pesticides etc. etc. Our water supply is extremely contanimated…We buy bottled, filtered water right now which is super inconvenient & not as good, plus we spend a good amount of money each month on just bottled water. I have been saving for a Berkey for a while-would LOVE to win this for my family!!!

  9. Steph says

    If I could choose any Berkey, it would be the Crown Berkey! We will soon be a family of 5 and hope to keep growing. In addition to drinking water, I make alot of stocks, broths etc. and use filtered water when I cook. Thanks for the giveaways!

  10. Jenny says

    I visited and got really excited to find the shower filter! As important as it is to drink pure water, it is equally important for us to filter out chlorine, fluoride, iron, and such things from our shower and bath water, as the water that soaks in through your skin doesn’t have the benefit of digestion to remove toxins. Those toxins go straight into your bloodstream and directly to your organs! My parents have a Big Berkey and I hope to get both that one and a shower filter soon!

  11. Kate MCBride says

    I have been looking at these for sometime now. To win one would be amazing. I keep telling my husband I want one but I don’t think he understands how much I want one. :) and after looking at their website I still want one. :)

  12. Yvette Lewis says

    I would love to win a Berkey! We currently buy filtered water from our health food co-op, so I would love to have a filter of my own to get the chlorine and flouride out!

  13. Tehi says

    I have been wanting a Berkey for so long, but financially its been out of reach. This would be literally an answer to prayer.

  14. Tehi says

    My favorite product on the USE site is the Berkey, specifically the Royal Berkey.
    That CleanStation Air looks very good too :)

  15. Melissa Newton says

    I have heard A LOT about these water systems and just recently saw one in person. I would love to try it for our family!

  16. Amanda says

    I have actually wanted a Berkey for many years now, and can’t seem to find $ in the budget for it. So this would be a great win!

  17. Jodee Kraft says

    Would love to own a berkey!!!! Plan on buying the large one at income tax time. Sustainable alternatives are so important.

  18. Katie M says

    I would love to win one because we’ve wanted a Berkey for a while now, but it is not in the budget, and probably won’t be for quite some time.

  19. claire says

    we would love the go berkey! it’s small but fits in the kitchen! our current water system demineralizes our water supply (and us!) and we really need a better method to retain our minerals so we don’t get stripped by being healthy and drinking water!!

  20. Lori G. says

    I’d love to win this. We’ve been wanting a Berkey for a long time as the public water in California is terrible. It was just last week that it was announced that you could have Berkey light or Berkey travel shipped to California, Yay!! So up until now, no Berkey product could be shipped to Ca.

  21. Jessica C says

    We have been wanting to do something better than just carrying home cases of water from the store for ages now, so this would be amazing.

  22. Sarah W says

    We’ve always wanted the Berkey! We drink so much water that I can’t even imagine how much good it would do us! With the baby coming and hubby graduating college in the spring, though, the budget does not allow for a fancy water filter at the moment…. would be so nice to win one! :)

  23. Kair B says

    This would be perfect for our family… we live in an area with very poor water quality. However, we have been saving to get a good system, its just taking us a while to get there :/

  24. Amanda Kimosh says

    Our family would love this filter. We have been trying to save to afford one that filters out the bad but keeps the good minerals in our water. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  25. Melissa jones says

    I would love to win so I could give to my daughter. I have a berkey and love it, would love her family to benefit too!

  26. says

    I am very excited to send the winner of this giveaway the Travel Berkey. Keep in mind that if you do not win, we are offering MAM readers a 5% discount on all of our Berkeys as well as a 50% discount on additional filters purchased with that Berkey. Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to answering any questions that you may have.

    Dan K

  27. Marjorie says

    I love Berkey filters!! Water is so important to our bodies so we should try to have it be the purest water that we can :)

  28. Ellen says

    I have thyroid problems and need to be very careful about my fluoride exposure. I’d love a Berkley to help me with that!!

  29. says

    Our city adds flouride to our water and I only drink water and hate to puchase it so I’d love to be able to filter it out and have clean water for my family to drink.

  30. Holly says

    The berkey would be a blessing for our family. I’ve wanted one since my first pregnancy, unfortunately, it is financially not possible at this time. I won’t give our city water to our toddler, so we buy the best bottled we can for him. It’s expensive! I’d love to stop worrying daily about the water we’re drinking, especially because I still breastfeed my son.

  31. Mira says

    I would really like a Berkey because our water is so bad, and they’ve just started added so much extra chlorine that you can smell it!!

  32. Julie W. says

    I want to win because I had the big Berkey and love it and would like the travel one when we are out and about.

  33. Rachelle says

    I would love to win the Berkey!! This looks like a fantastic way to remove the “junk” and feel good about drinking our water!

  34. BethS. says

    I would love to win–we have very hard well water and I’d love to get pure water. I was checking out their website and besides of the big berkey type things, the sports bottle looks awesome.

  35. Dorie DePuy says

    Our whole house drinks tons of water each day. We also are all trying to eat and live better. This would be a blessing.

  36. Rachel says

    I would love to own (and especially win!) a Berkey because the current water filter I have removes all the minerals from the water and doesn’t remove all the bad stuff. I need an upgrade!

  37. KathrynB says

    I really would love to win this. We are looking to do some sort of water purification system installation in our house for a Christmas gift to ourselves. This would solve our budget problem!

  38. Alethea G. says

    I would love a berkey. It is on my christmas wish list that I gave my husband. :) Again this is a great giveaway. Thanks for hosting.

  39. Reagan Arnaud Gibfried says

    I sooo want a berkey!! I’d love to know that the water we drink is free from floride and other junk.

  40. stacy says

    I know they are the best because I have one. And now they’re selling them in California again so I can get replacement filters! Woohoo! But, I’d still love to win one.

  41. Susan Alexander says

    We stopped drinking milk here and almost exclusively drink water, so I’m more concerned than ever about the purity of our water! A Berkey would be a wonderful addition to our home!

  42. Darlene says

    I currently pay for water delivery to avoid chemicals in my drinking water. Trying to improve my auto-immune disorders.

  43. Devon H says

    Ohhh man I’ve been wanting a Berkey for soooo long! We live in the city and have crappy fluoridated and chlorinated water, so we had been using a Brita (blech) for a while, and started getting sick of that and switched to bottled water. I hate wasting all that plastic. I have a lot of Klean Kanteens that I could fill and take to work with me if we have a travel Berkey, especially as I am pregnant now and need to keep hydrated (previous kidney stone/infection issues).

  44. Devon H says

    I have to say that the Big Berkey may be my favorite product that UES carries. It’s a good size for my newly growing family (me, hubby, and baby on the way), as it holds a bit more than 2 gallons. This has been on my wish list!

  45. Courtney says

    I have wanted a Berkey for years! Even with well water, I would feel so much better giving my kids high quality filtered water from a Berkey.

  46. Heather says

    I would love the Berkey, we would love one since we live near where a dump used to be as well as have flouride in our water, I am pretty sure our water stinks.

  47. Kristine says

    My husband and I have only been able to afford a Brita water filter. We figure it’s better than nothing, but we hate not having a better quality water filtration system.

  48. says

    I would love to win the Berkey water filter! We currently have a Brita but know it isn’t good enough. Especially for our asd son whom has methylation issues. Even if we don’t win this I am going to try to get at least one Berkey filter with the discount you have offered. :)

  49. says

    I would love my daughter and her family to have one. You can never be too sure of that water in Texas and they would have a hard time affording to buy one of these.

  50. Anna says

    I’d like to win so that I can provide my family with great water. A berkey has been on my kitchen wishlist for a long time.

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