Christmas Giveaway: Cultures for Health (Excalibur Dehydrator!)

Welcome to our Week of Giveaways!  This is our way of saying “Merry Christmas” to our readers. :)  We think you’re all awesome and wanted to give you a Christmas gift — so all week, you’ll have the chance to win amazing prizes!  There will be two different prizes per day, one posted at 8 AM and one at 2 PM EST.  Each will have 7 different ways you can enter (all optional).  All giveaways will close on Saturday night, December 8th, at midnight, and all winners will be announced next Monday, 12/10.  (This is so our sponsoring companies have a chance to ship prizes to winners before the holidays.)  Good luck!

Today’s prize is a 4-tray Excalibur dehydrator from Cultures for Health!

Have I ever mentioned I love my dehydrator?  I use it at least a few times a week, and I have for almost three years.  It took the place of my microwave in my kitchen and I haven’t looked back.  Most dehydrators are round trays with fairly large openings, and they stack up inside the machine (which means that you lose space due to the hole in the center, smaller things can easily fall through, and if you want to remove a tray you have to remove all the ones on top of it — plus the trays don’t dry evenly since the drying mechanism is on the bottom, requiring you to have to rearrange the trays a few times for even drying).  Excalibur is different.  It’s a square unit and the trays slide into it sideways, and the drying mechanism is at the back.  There’s no lost space and the trays all dry evenly.  The trays not in use can even be removed so that the unit can be used for other things!

The Excalibur can be used for:

  • Making jerky
  • Drying fruits and vegetables
  • Drying fruit leather
  • Drying sprouted grains
  • Incubating yogurt
  • Rising bread
  • …and more!

I have used mine for all of the above and more at different times.  It is a great tool to have in my kitchen.

Cultures for Health is sponsoring this giveaway.  If you are into cultured and traditional foods, this company is the one to go to.  They offer starter cultures for sourdough, fermented veggies, water and milk kefir, kombucha, cheese making, and lots more.  They also carry books and supplies for getting started with your own brewing and fermenting.  I have been intrigued by their cheese-making supplies for awhile (presses, wax, various starter cultures) but haven’t had enough extra milk to be able to try it myself yet.  Julie, the owner, is also really good with customer service!

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below.  Comments on this post DO NOT count.  (Even for the entry that says ‘leave a blog post comment’ you must check it off on the Rafflecopter or it won’t count.)  Remember the giveaway ends on Saturday night, 12/8 at midnight.  Good luck!

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Why would you most like to win a dehydrator from Cultures for Health?


  1. Jeannette says

    I would love to win the dehydrator so I can start using naturally dried fruits and veggies as snacks for my husband and I! Also, my favorite product is the Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter. Great giveaway!

  2. Joelle says

    I want to win this dehydrator so my family can start making our own dehydrated fruit, jerky, fruit leather, and more! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Amanda says

    I would love to have a dehydrator. I’ve tried using my oven, but the results are never great. I love making making all kinds of things from scratch to a dehydrator would just expand my list!

  4. Michelle Lipp Starner says

    I had a dehydrator years ago and didn’t know what to do with it so I gave it away. Now that I know what to do with one I would love to win!

  5. says

    The dehydrator sounds like so much fun! I am a huge fan of dried pineapple; I would love to learn to make my own.

    I’m also contemplating ordering some sourdough starter from Cultures for Health. Do I have time to keep up with my kefir, kombucha, yogurt, sourdough, and 4-month-old? Hmmm…I’ll have to give it some consideration. :-)

  6. Jen says

    My favorite product at Cultures for Health would probably be the how to books, since I have not attempted making cultured food before.

  7. Stacy says

    I would love to win because my little dehydrator that I currently use is a so sad. I’ve scavenged parts from two different systems to get one that at least gets the job done but I can’t do so many things, like yogurt or jerky, because it’s not set up for it.

  8. Stacy says

    There are so many products I would love. I’ve heard a lot about the cultured garlic flowers and the other cultured veg look good. I would love to try almost all the starters. Cheese making?! Fermentation Crocks! Yogurt makers, OH MY :)

  9. Sarah Hinrichs Cole says

    I’ve been eying the starters for water kefir and kombucha for a little while now. I’m so worried that I will forget about them!

  10. Carolyn b says

    I’ve been wanting one of these for years!!! We have a dehydrator that I picked up at a thrift store, but this would be superb!

  11. Anne says

    I would use the Excalibur dehydrator to make fruit leather and crunchy nuts – two things I’ve really wanted to try, but can’t get to work in my oven.

  12. Jaime B says

    I would love a dehydrator to make jerky, dry fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. I have a whole stack of things I’d love to do with a dehydrator!

  13. Shelly says

    I would love to have a dehydrator – we are relatively new to eating traditional foods and snacks are the hardest thing to adjust in the new way of eating. A dehydrator would totally make the biggest difference for us!!!

  14. Vinessa says

    I want to start making fruit leather, and also I make our own yogurt all the time, but I always have mine sitting in the oven. this would be so much nicer! and to make our own jerkey!

  15. Jodi says

    Winning a dehydrator would be awesome! It’s next on my list of equipment to invest in and I would love to make yogurt and dried veggies for winter soups!

  16. Shelly says

    I would love to have a dehydrator – we are relatively new to eating traditional foods and snacks are the hardest thing to adjust in the new way of eating. A dehydrator would totally make the biggest difference for us!!! I think the yogurt maker would be my favorite product – I have so hesitant to make it using other methods.

  17. Summer says

    I just bought a dehydrator and am having to send it back because after two uses, it is already warping. I need something that will last!

  18. Sara@SaraElizabethB says

    I would love to win because I have been drooling over this product for about a year or more…and car repairs, etc, always come first. Crispy nuts just aren’t so great in the oven.

  19. Rebecca says

    I have been planning on buying a new dehydrator, as my old one that I received for free is literally falling apart lol, so it would be great to win this one!
    I like the Fermented Vegetable Master over at Cultures for Health, never seen one before!

  20. Kristy G says

    Living in Oregon, there is almost no way that I can use a solar dryer for most of the year, so I have been wanted one of these for years…but it has never been in the budget!

  21. katie covello says

    I would be enthralled to win as i am planning for my family to go on GAPS after the holidays, and a dehydrator would make it easy to whip up some yogurt, nuts, and jerky. My favorite item on Cultures for Health that I’ve been eyeing to buy is the Fermented Vegetable Master! The airlocks look like they make for foolproof fermenting!

  22. Melissa Newton says

    I keep reading on blogs about using your dehydrator for this and that. We just had a big purchase for the kitchen so I know it will be a while before we could buy one. I would love to be able to do jerky, make fruit leathers and so on.

  23. AJ says

    I would love to have a dehydrator! I have been wanting one for awhile now. Right now I just put stuff on a cookie sheet and set it in my hot car!

  24. Christina says

    I would love to win the dehydrator. I have been wanting one for a while now. I would like to use it to dehydrate veggies and fruits and make perfect yogurt (heard it’s really god for that!)!

  25. Leah G says

    The whole foods concept became so real to us after the birth of our first child. while she was home birthed I was GBS + and had IV antibiotics during my very very long labor. Her entire life reads like so many others with “leaky gut” issues. I feel robbed since I ate so well and too so many supplements while pregnant. If only I had known about GAPS then I would have so many sleepless nights. With baby # 2 We had moved to our land in a rural area and were building a home slowly realizing the Whole Foods life wasn’t the complete picture. Did I mention I was DX with MS in 97 and that how the dietary changes really started. Children have just fine tuned them. We realized so much of what is sold in the health food store is still processed junk with a high price tag. We moved to the country leaving our very lucrative business behind to focus on health and family. Here we are now farming our land and raising our home birth babies! We raise egg layers, meat birds, pigs, turkeys, and just bought two jerseys, also fruits, and veggies. SOOO I could really use this dehydrator to save food. We have very little income. We have built out home with cash and feel incredibly fortunate however dehydrators, grain mills, fancy blenders just dont come into the budget. I would love to get some cheese cultures from Cultures from Health in anticipation of all the lovely milk we will have. On a side note Merry Christmas everyone!

  26. Katie M says

    I don’t think I could pick a favorite product, there’s so many to choose from. Cheese making, kombucha starters, kefir grains. I’ve been wanting to try sourdough, so maybe a sourdough starter.

  27. Amanda says

    I would love to win because I love my dehydrator and think it would be awesome to get this for a friend who is just as crazy as I am in the real food world!

  28. Tamara C says

    I have been wanting an Excalibur dehydrator for years now. Our budget as a single income family has not yet allowed for the purchase of one.

  29. says

    I would love to win mainly because of the almond thing. Just read a post from one of your sister sites about almonds and realized we have been eating not so raw–raw almonds. I’d like to have the dehydrator for nuts mainly, but also for some healthy jerky and dried fruit. :)

  30. Rachel says

    Hubbie needs to understand the “soaking and drying” part of this. I am the idea, try for the first time person…he then takes over. The dehydrator will help me in taking this next step. Thank you.

  31. Tara Lorang says

    I have been toying with the idea of buying a yogourmet yogurt maker. But if I can use the excaliber to make yogurt and so many other wonderful things, I would much rather have it. I would put it to good use too.

  32. Adrienne Guarro says

    I had one of these, but didn’t realize what it was or how awesome it was, so I gave it to m y SI
    L. I would really love to have another one, and this time, I would keep it and use it – a – LOT.

  33. Kelley Soper says

    I love Cultures for Health. They have great information and products for Kombucha, Kefir and sourdough starters.

  34. Analyn says

    My favorite product is their Parisian Sourdough Starter. I would love to win so I can start making crispy nuts and grinding my own flour.

  35. connie says

    hi kate…..i would love to win the dehydrater to make so many things – much easier than the oven!! i have purchased sourdough and kombucha starter from cultures for health and just love all the info they offer on their site. thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Katie says

    I have one of those old round dehydrators that I inherited from my mother-in-law, and I love it. But the Excaliber one would be so much more versatile and efficient! I especially like the idea of using it to make yogurt, because my other attempts have all failed so miserably. ^_^*

  37. Beth says

    The Excalibur dehydrator is the only thing on my Christmas wish list (however, I won’t be getting it, LOL). I’d LOVE to win it.

  38. Sonya says

    I want this for so many reasons, but right now I’d love to make some yogurt using it. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  39. Devon H says

    I have a rinky dink dehydrator and have been lusting for the Excalibur for some time! Instead of canning tomatoes last year, I dehydrated them and have a nice supply to use in dips and stews and soups. I also like to dehydrate strawberries to put in scones when I have tea with friends. I think I’d get even better results with this AWESOME dehydrator!

  40. Devon H says

    Also, one of my favorite products on Cultures For Health is the Body Ecology powdered Milk Kefir culture i recently ordered. Trying to lower my blood sugar while I’m pregnant and get much healthier! :)

  41. says

    I really want to win so I can provide more healthy snacks for my children when fresh fruit is not in season. It is so hard to find local and organic fruits and veggies at a reasonable price all year long. This would allow us to have them all year round!

  42. Melody says

    I’d love a dehydrator because there’s nothing better than dried fruit! And the excalibur can help with bread and yogurt, so it’s more useful. And my favorite product at cultures for health is the wild fermentation book – it’s on my christmas list.

  43. Maria Fala Williams says

    The Excalibur is on my Christmas wish list, but it doesn’t look like Santa will come thru this year.

  44. says

    Another product I found on Cultures For Health’s website that I would LOVE to have is the mandolin slicer – it’s actually been on my Christmas list for 2 years now!

  45. Nichole says

    I would love to win because y first dehydrator is going to need to be replaced soon. I love cultures for health ebooks! so informative!

  46. Courtney says

    Oooooh! I have wanted one of these for years! If I remember correctly, they have a temperature adjustment feature that allows you to dry at lower temperatures, preserving enzymes. That’s one of the many reasons I want one! Great giveaway! :)

  47. Courtney says

    My favorite product so far is the sourdough starter culture from San Francisco. But, I’m also really looking forward to trying the water kefir culture!

  48. Alisha b says

    My favorite thing on the site is the books. If I have to pick just one I would say the How to Store Your Garden Produce, but really I could spend way too much time buying and reading them all.

  49. Amber says

    I am completely new to cultures and dehydrating. We have a friend at church who gave us dried pineapple and fruit leathers as a gift and my kids flipped over them. I would love a dehydrator or a yogurt maker because my kids eat so much yogurt.

  50. Jennifer says

    I would love to win this to use on so many different foods. I would like an even temp spot to make yogurt, to make crispy nuts, to dry my garden produce with, and maybe try some jerky. I have tried a number of products from Cultures for Health. My favorite so far are the milk kefir and water kefir grains. I really love having those probiotic drinks available for our health. Water kefir is fantastic! Thank you for this opportunity!

  51. Jessica Rasmussen says

    I could make my family wonderful raw superfood goodies with this!! I have always wanted one, but haven’t been able to afford it. I would LOVE to have this in my kitchen!

  52. Colleen says

    Have heard awesome things about this dehydrator and would love one. And I’ve been meaning to order yogurt starter from Cultures for Health.

  53. says

    Because I am a paleo follower and it is difficult to find snacks without sugar, commercial salt, poor quality vegetable oils and food additives. I’d love a dehydrator!

  54. charity says

    I would also love to get a veggie ferment starter. I hate draining whey to use form my yogurt, so it would be a great addition.

  55. Marilyn says

    I would love to win an Excalibur Food Dehydrator to dehydrate snacks for my family as well as use it for yogurt. I love it does so much!!!!

  56. Sara Grambusch says

    I always need new kitchen gadgets to keep things interesting. I’m just getting into fermenting so all the fermentation stuff looks awesome.

  57. Rob c says

    I’d like to incubate yogurt in it. I’d maybe like to try another yogurt starter from cultures for health. The last culture I got from them was a big fail. It was summer, and I think it died on its way here. :-(

  58. WWQ says

    I have an old school dehydrator – but this summer while it was dehydrating cherry tomatoes, someone put a cutting board on top of it, so the trays all melted! So one of these would be awesome!

  59. Laura E. says

    I’ve been wanting to dry foods for healthy snack options for awhile, but purchasing a dehydrator has always kind of felt like a luxury expense always just out of reach for us, so I hope I can win one! :)

  60. Lyn L. says

    I have a cheap dehydrator, but I have always wanted an Excalibur Dehydrator. Would love to win one. Thanks for the chance!

  61. Kristine says

    As for, I’m interested in the sourdough starter, and the yogurt starter and yogurt maker.

  62. says

    I need one to make fruit leathers, dry herbs, make fruit & veggie chips, etc. for my daughter with 20+ food allergies (top 8 + corn + …….) .

    My fave product on is their water kefir grains, which I just bought along with the gluten free sourdough book, to work on healing my daughter’s gut to hopefully help heal her allergies.

  63. Janelle says

    I would love to be able to dry fruits and veggies for my family. It’s a wonderful way to preserve healthy food to use as snacks.

  64. Nicole says

    Hmmm….what wouldn’t I do with it? Crispy nuts & seeds, make cereal, make granola, beef jerky, etc. I would love to try a sourdough starter from CFH someday too!

  65. Steff S. says

    I would love to be able to dehydrate food without leaving the oven on all day and not wonder if the temp is really low enough to keep the enzymes intact.

  66. Caroline says

    This giveaway is really awesome! I’d love to win the dehydrator! We are trying to rely less on electricity for food storage (freezer) and canning is fine, but it sure takes up alot of room!

  67. Brittany Iverson says

    I have reaaaaally wanted one of these for a long time!! My kids would absolutely love the fruit leathers that I could make and my husband and I would love some jerky!

  68. Teresa says

    I am a single working mom. I pack my son’s lunch every day because his daycare feeds him chocolate cereal and frozen hamburgers if I don’t (don’t worry, they are seriously awesome in every other aspect). I have been buying vegetable chips for a while to send, but those things are expensive. So, I would love this dehydrate to be able to make him homemade veggie chips to send in his lunch.

  69. Teresa says

    Besides the dehydrator of course, I honestly would have no idea what to do with the starter kits. So, I think the cookbook that actually tells about how to use all the kits would be my favorite.

  70. Kelly H says

    I have wanted an excalibur dehydrator for a while! I have another brand, but think the Excalibur would work so much better.

  71. Anna says

    I’d like to win because I could prepare fun, healthy snacks for my family. A dehydrator has been on my wishlist for a while.

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