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admin December 10, 2012

Improving your health and wellness is easier said than done.

It’s so easy to look at others who already eat real food, or are losing weight, or have improved their home organization and think I can’t do that…it’s way too much at once.  And truthfully, if you try to change your life completely overnight, it will probably fail.  We just aren’t meant to do this!  (And no one successful has done it this way!)

Over time, though, with the right support and information, you can change your life!  And that’s what this challenge is about.

31 Days to Better Health & Wellness Challenge

This challenge will be taking place during the month of January.  We don’t have any specific goals for you to meet — that’s up to you.  All our readers have different areas they’d like to tackle and are at different places in their journey.  We’re here to help you define and refine the goals that are right for you, and then to support you as you take steps to reach them.

We have overarching “themes” for the four weeks of the challenge.  These themes are very general and apply to all of the sites.  They are:

  • Week 1: Make Your Goals
  • Week 2: Set the Scene
  • Week 3: Dive In
  • Week 4/5: Assess and Revise

Each of our sites will be focusing on a different set of goals, to help you address different areas of your lives.  If you don’t yet follow these sites on Facebook or subscribe to them via RSS or email, you may want to hop over and do so!

Here is what each of the sites will be focusing on (in general):

Modern Alternative Mama

  • Home organization
  • Natural cleaning
  • Personal relationships (parenting, marriage, friendship)
  • Reducing stress

Modern Alternative Kitchen

  • Cleaning out the pantry
  • Real food cooking techniques
  • Moving away from processed foods
  • Improving your family’s diet

Modern Alternative Pregnancy

  • Balancing hormones
  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • Healthy conception
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Postpartum healing

Modern Alternative Health

  • Weight loss
  • Swapping OTC remedies for natural remedies
  • Exercise
  • Overall wellness

On each site, you’ll see 3 – 4 posts per week that are related to their themes.  These posts will be staggered across all sites so that there are challenge-related posts everyday on at least one site — but so not all posts are challenge-related (in case you’re not ready to follow along).  The posts will offer guidance on how to set goals in different areas, what supplies (if any) you need to accomplish them, supporting you as you begin to make some changes, and helping you assess the changes to see what worked and what didn’t work, and if you need to refine anything for the future.

You’ll also see a “daily tip” about goal-setting that is related to that week’s theme.  This tip will be posted on all four sites so you’re sure not to miss it!

Challenge Participants

If this sounds like the type of thing that you need, you can sign up today!  Challenge participants will have access to the following:

  • All of the daily tips and challenge-related blog posts
  • A Challenge Guide ($5) which includes additional information, printable goal sheets, and special coupons and sponsor offers — available next week!
  • A chance to WIN one of several great prizes at the end of the month (drawn randomly)
  • Access to a private forum, where you can ask questions, share triumphs and disappointments and more

We hope you’ll join us for this challenge!  You can register here.

Our Sponsors

We have several awesome sponsors for this challenge!  The first four are our “major” sponsors and you’ll be hearing a lot from them in January (and participants will have access to special deals and offers from our sponsors in the challenge guide!).

Cultures for Health

Our first sponsor is Cultures for Health.  If you’re looking to improve your diet this year, they will come in handy.  One major area where most of us “fail” is in cultured and fermented foods.  We all need the naturally occurring probiotics in these foods (you’ll hear more about that on Modern Alternative Kitchen).  Cultures for Health provides all of the different types of cultures you could ever need, like sourdough, water or milk kefir, kombucha, veggie starters, and more.  They also have equipment and accessories for making your own cultured foods.  If one of your goals next year is to dive into some aspect of fermentation but you have no idea where to begin, start here!

Redmond Trading Company (Real Salt)

Redmond Trading Company is the parent company of both Redmond Clay and Real Salt.  This addresses at least two health needs: diet and your healthier medicine cabinet.  Real Salt is the salt I use exclusively in my kitchen, and it is awesome.  It’s truly healthy sea salt and it comes in a variety of sizes and flavors (all totally real food).  Redmond Clay is something I also have in my home.  Clay is so valuable for a number of different health needs, like detox baths, insect stings and bites, acne, skin rashes, digestive health, and so much more.  Redmond makes clay in many forms to make it easy to use even for those who are new to alternative health.  If you need some simple, versatile ways to improve your kitchen and your medicine cabinet, check them out!

Modern Wellness

This company offers doTERRA essential oils to help improve natural health.  These oils are “certified pure therapeutic grade” and are edible and generally safe for all ages.  The ladies at Modern Wellness can help you figure out which oils are best for your situation — they offer single oils and blends.  Check them out to learn more!

Other Sponsors:

  • United Environmental Solutions — Need a Berkey or another water filter to get clean water for your family?  Check out this company!
  • Dragonfly Remedies — Healthy herbal remedies and salves, 100% real, natural ingredients!
  • Essential Safe Products — If you’re looking for safe food storage options, packed lunch options, baby/kid cups and plates, or other truly safe products, check them out!
  • Attune Foods — Looking for safe food products like cereals and even probiotic chocolate?  Find it here!
If you’re a company who is interested in sponsoring this challenge, please send me an email;  We have a few different levels of sponsorship available.

What are you most looking forward to in this challenge?

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  1. Where do we sign up?


  2. I have been trying for years to get on a good eating schedule. I start off doing really well, then something happens where I stop eating healthy. I think that the key to success is to definitely prepare, because you are right, you cannot change your life overnight. I think that I need to prepare before I go back in becasue I need to be ready.
    Debra @ Acupuncture Denver


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  4. I think I’m looking forward to home organization tips the most.


  5. […] also want to remind you to check out the Challenge starting in January and sign […]


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