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admin February 4, 2013

It’s HERE!  (Look further down this post for a special coupon code to make the book just $2.50, for a limited time only!)

I wrote my very first cookbook, Real Food Basics, and released it all the way back in October, 2010.  At the time I was still pretty new to real food (about 18 months into my journey) and there was a lot I didn’t know yet.  I’d been brewing kombucha for about 6 months, hadn’t made successful yogurt, hadn’t tried sucanat, and my understanding of ” real food basics” was, well, kind of basic!

Now I’m almost four years into my journey and I’ve done quite a bit more research and I’ve tackled a lot of new real food kitchen skills.  There’s definitely more out there to tackle (I’m still working to perfect sourdough, milk and water kefir, and vegetable ferments) and I’ll never stop learning, but I’m no longer a real food beginner.

I decided it was time to update the book with all of the new information I’ve learned in the last two and a half years!

In this new edition, you’ll find:

  • Updated and re-ordered baby steps, to better reflect the realities of a real food newbie
  • Additional information on grains, including soaking
  • Additional “resources” and links to tutorials
  • Updated kitchen tools list
  • Updated shopping guide
  • Updated information on sugars and sweeteners
  • 6 delicious new recipes (5 that were never before published anywhere!)
  • New allergy-friendly icons, so you know which recipes are appropriate for your family!
  • New pictures of recipes
  • Overall updated “look and feel,” making the book prettier and more user-friendly

That’s pretty awesome!

If you already own the first edition, expect to get your updated copy via email free in the next few days!

If you haven’t yet bought it, there is no time like the present.  In addition to the new features above, you’ll find information on:

  • Our Story (why and how we came to eat real food)
  • Dairy (what’s up with raw milk?)
  • Grains
  • The “Food Plate”
  • Basic Kitchen Procedures (stock, yogurt, kombucha, sprouting grains)
  • Basic Kitchen Tools
  • Real Food Shopping Guide
  • Delicious recipes!  ( Cheese sauce, cheesy potatoes, grain-free meat loaf, tomato sauce, Caesar salad dressing, chicken chili, chicken cutlets, grain-free chocolate cheesecake bites, Mexican chicken soup, and lots more!)

This book is a great way to introduce someone to real food because it’s simple, bite-sized information on major issues, and real recipes your family will actually eat!  There are no odd or unusual ingredients and no “gourmet” options that will leave your family saying “What’s that?”  Instead the book focuses on real food versions of old family favorites!  If you serve pizza, ice cream, and fries — they’re going to eat it.  And Real Food Basics teaches you how to make those foods, healthy.

Real Food Basics, 2nd Edition will normally sell for $7.95.  However, for February, it’s our Featured Book.  The deal on a Featured Book is this: one book is just $5, all month long, no coupon code needed.  We pick something seasonal, something helpful, or just something awesome.  This month, in honor of the relaunch, we’ve chosen Real Food Basics!  That means that you can get the book for $5 all month long, which is great news!

But — even better!  For today and tomorrow only, you can use code REALFOODLAUNCH and get the book 50% off — it’ll be just $2.50!  At that price, you can buy one for you and one(s) for friends too!  This is only a launch special, it only lasts two days, and you have to use the coupon code to get it.

We also have a Kindle version, and this is just $0.99 this week!  If you buy this book, we’d love it if you’d give it a review or rating over on Amazon! If you happen to own any of our other books, we’d love reviews/ratings on those as well!

Another Book Deal

I learned yesterday that a book called 42 Days to Fit, by Brandy Ferguson, Emma Swanston and Stacy Karen is FREE today on Amazon (for Kindle)!  Tomorrow and Wednesday it will be just $0.99, still a great deal.  The book normally sells for $7.99, so if you’re interested in fitness, snatch it up while you can!

The ebook deals abound this week!

What are you most excited about in Real Food Basics, or if you already own it, what is your favorite part?

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  1. I can only find the Kindle version for $3.99. Is this a typo in the blog post or an Amazon error? Thanks!


    • I had trouble setting this up, but the price will be changed tonight to the correct $0.99. Check back by 8 or 9 PM EST and it should be right!


  2. If we got the book through a healthy bundle, do we get the upgrade/update? Thanks so much for your time to write the blogs and books! 😀


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