Health Library Sale: FINAL Reminder

Today is the last day to buy this incredible bundle.  At midnight tonight, PST, the bundle is gone forever.

I won’t make this long — I’ve written extensively about it already.

There are 600 pages of herbal “how to”, 800+ pages of nutritional research and info. MD, NDs, PhDs, etc. These are some of the most respected herbalists out there.

53 Digital Products (Retail Value $835.32) including:

  • 13 Safe Detox Resources
  •  11 Holistic Health Guides
  • 10 Optimizing Nutrition Resources
  • 10 Herbal Remedy and Recipe Resources
  • 9 Ferments & Gluten-free ‘How To’ guides
  • 16 products over 95 pages long (valued at $375.76)
  • 9 products over $25 each (valued at $326.98)
  • 5 Videos (+ demo videos) over 4.5 hours (valued at $121.89)
  • 2 Audio products (120 minutes total).

SAVE $795 on this bundle!  Today is your very last chance!

Check out all those links to learn more about what’s in this excellent bundle and why it’s something you want in your health library.  Then go buy it, because your time is rapidly running out!

Have you bought this bundle yet?  What is your favorite resource?

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