Whipped Lavender Orange Aftershave Balm

By Nina, Contributing Writer

I remember begging my mom to let me shave my legs. I was in the 6th grade and felt embarrassed whenever I wore shorts around my friends. They always had silky-smooth legs, a stark contrast to my hairy ones, which were ever-so-noticable thanks to the dark hair caused by my Latina genes.

My mom told me no, saying that I would just scar up my legs if I did. My 6th-grade response? “I don’t care! I can’t wait to scar up my legs because they won’t be hairy anymore!” I never should have said that, because scar my legs I did.

When she finally gave in (I’m a little … persistent), she let me figure it out on my own. It didn’t take long before I realized that I would need shaving cream and some kind of lotion/aftershave to prevent the horrendous razor burn and the pain from having too-dry skin. I also learned that dull razors = lots of cuts and that sharp razors = not as many cuts (I’m accident-prone).

Since then, I’ve learned that a lot of my skin issues were actually caused by food intolerances. Since addressing those, shaving my legs is more pain-in-the-rear than painful.

Now, when I shave, I use bar soap (I made a healing herbal castile soap that feels wonderful) for lather. My legs no longer burn afterward and my skin just feels a little dry. Really, if I didn’t want to, I don’t think I’d need to apply any kind of aftershave moisturizer.

But then I wouldn’t get to use this whipped aftershave balm, so I just go ahead and tell myself that I still need a little something to moisturize my legs after shaving. :)

This beautiful aftershave blend soothes and moisturizes post-shave skin by combining shea butter and coconut oil. Separately, these two ingredients are very moisturizing and the shea butter makes your skin feel very soft. Together, they make a delightful moisturizing balm that soaks into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. The essential oils add a lovely non-skin-irritating scent.

Ingredients needed:


Whip by hand or in a stand mixer to a delicious consistency. Seriously, it will look like frosting. Don’t eat it. You need to save some to put on your face/legs. Store in a jar in a cool place. Let me emphasize cool here, as it will melt but looks just like butter when solid.

To apply, start by scooping out a small amount and let it warm a little in your hand. A little bit goes a long way, so experiment with how much you need.

What are your shaving must-haves?



  1. Debbie says

    That sounds like a great smelling aftershave cream. Can’t wait to try it. Since I don’t use soap, I use coconut oil to shave and love the feel. My husband tried it and likes it better than his shaving cream. He says his blades last longer, too. Maybe your recipe can be a before and after shave!

  2. Marta says

    Ooh, Nina! That sounds wonderful, definitely have to try that one. I think I even have some Shae butter left in my soapmaking box :)

  3. jackie says

    Will there be an issue with the orange oil being photosensitive if my husband puts this on his face and goes in the sun? Or is it diluted enough to not matter?


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