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abykm91 March 7, 2014

By Abby, Contributing Writer

1. How “into” real food are you?

In my head, I give myself a ten. I live and breath health, wellness and real food.  To me, eating right is about much more than sitting down to eat dinner.  It’s about growing food, using it medicinally, experimenting in the kitchen and feeding my family healthy meals that they actually want to eat.  

But in reality I’m more of an eight.  While I wholeheartedly give myself a ten, we loosely follow an 80/20 rule.  It’s easy for it to become an obsession, and I keep myself in check by enjoying dinners out, getting a fun treat at a coffee shop or splurging on something I usually wouldn’t.

2. What is one area/food that you refuse to compromise on? 

In line with the 80/20 rule, it’s rare to bring food into the house we don’t feel good about.  On top of the standard produce and meat and dairy, we keep snacks in the house (like chips or the occasional ice cream) that are always organic.  At home we eat “right” so we don’t have to sweat it too much when we are out and about.

3. What foods (if any) do you make from scratch?

Salad dressings, always.  In fact, we wrote an entire post for MAM about that HERE.

4. Name on thing you wish you made from scratch that you don’t.

Kombucha.  I used to, but about a year ago I stopped and have spent way too much money on store bought.  It really is so easy to make, so I’m not sure what is holding me back.

5. Do you have a cheat food/meal?

Yes! Our favorite local bakery has amazing fruit tarts that we just can’t say no to.  Thankfully, they use mostly organic ingredients, but it’s still sugar and white flour… with the redeeming fresh fruit on top.

6. What is one tip you have for those starting out on a real food journey?

I’m tempted to be a cheerleader and just say “You can do it!!”  But honestly, it takes more than just a desire.  You have to want it and believe in it.  With the corruption of our food supply, it takes time and energy to really figure out what changes you need to make.  Thankfully, the internet is filled with great resources and using tools like the Dirty Dozen and blogs like MAM to help get you started.

All that being said, when it came time to share “a day in the life”, it was tempting to pick a day where we had a fun schedule and great meals planned.  But, in keeping it real, I picked a random day and just went with it.  This is how we spent one Friday.

A Day in the Life of a Real Foodie

7:30 – Wake up and roll out of bed.  Kids just woke up too, and, as usual, we all head straight to the kitchen.  If it were up to my 2 year old we would have tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so of course he is begging for me to hand him one.  I say no, but stare at the empty refrigerator trying to think of something creative to make.


I end up chopping apples with peanut butter, and let the kids watch 15 minutes of TV while I take a quick shower.

8:15 – Now that I’ve showered, I feel a bit more human and decide we could use a more substantial breakfast.  Although I forgot to soak my oats overnight, I make oatmeal anyways and top with ghee and pure maple syrup.  Everyone is happy.


While we’re eating, we glance over to the kitchen window and notice our plant starts need some water.  It’s amazing to think that those little tomato sprouts will one day produce hundreds of tomatoes.  We do tons of organic greenhouse gardening in the summer, and we are just chomping at the bits to get started.


9:30 – Quick trip to Target to grab me a toothbrush (which I actually forgot about once we were there), and the kids wanted a veggie pack.  Although they are way too old for veggie packs, it’s sort of a tradition when we make it to Target, and they chose one with organic broccoli, sweet potatoes and blueberries.  Could be worse, right? At least they aren’t begging for a candy bar.


11 – I took a Pilates class while the kids played in the gym childcare.  This is a new adventure for me and the kids, and it’s so nice to have a gym that we all enjoy going to.  We’re still at the tail end of flu and cold season, so I’ve been rubbing Thieves oil on their feet everyday before we go.

Noon – Class is over, and the plan is to run to the grocery store and stock up.  There is a winter storm coming, after all.  We get in the car and we’re all starving.  Quick change of plans, and I call in an order to our favorite new pizza place (Red Tractor Pizza if you’re ever in Bozeman).  I ordered a 16 inch organic cheese pizza on sprouted grain crust.  I figured we would have leftovers, but my 2 and 4 year old almost ate the whole thing themselves.


1:30 – We’re home now, and my 2 year old goes down for a nap.  While he’s sleeping my 4 year old soaks his feet in apple cider vinegar to get rid of some warts while we read a few books.  (Sorry to throw that in if it’s gross to you.  Just wanted to give an example of how we use food medicinally.)

– The little guy is awake, and we raid the fridge to make a smoothie before heading to the store.   Coconut milk, bananas, chia seeds, broccoli and frozen blueberries do the trick.


4 – The puppy is antsy, so we decide to bundle up for a walk before the grocery store. The walk was short and sweet considering it was 10 degrees outside.


– After an entire day of thinking about going to the store, we finally make it.  I bought a few extra things so we don’t have to get back out this weekend in the snow storm.  I made a quick stop by the health food store on the way home for some more fish oil.  To my surprise it was on sale!photo-1

6:30 – Dinner is quick and thrown together.  Grass-fed beef patties topped with Bubbie’s pickles, tomatoes and onions.  On the side I had some of my favorite chips and sauerkraut.

8 My husband put the kids in bed, and I clean up kitchen and relax a bit.  The night dwindles down after this, and I enjoy an organic hard apple cider while spending time with John.

I have to say, this exercise of keeping a food journal for the day was actually fun.  It’s nice to take a step back, and see the things I need to work on.

How about you? Care to share any of your day?

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