Why Gardening Should Be In Your Homeschool Plans

Danielle May 6, 2016
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By Danielle, Contributing writer

Most of us, when putting together our homeschooling or unschooling plans, are sure to cover the basics: math, science, language, maybe even music. But, we often overlook the true disciplines of life: how to grow, prepare, and save food, how to fix and how simple machines work, and much more.

Gardening is a long forgotten skill that our ancestors needed to survive. Between GMO’s, pesticides, and radiation covering nearly all the foods sold in supermarkets, we basically need to learn to grow our own food to thrive in today’s market, as well.

Why Gardening Should Be in Your Homeschool Plans

Besides being a life skill, gardening carries many health and educational benefits. Touching the dirt allows microbes to infiltrate your biome, giving necessary good bacteria to your gut when our bodies desperately need it. It also grounds you, a process where built up electrons in your body are balanced by the electromagnetic charges of the earth.

Ways to Teach Through Gardening

Invite Friends

If you have enough space in your yard for a garden (or five), section it off and invite other friends from your co-op to join in on the fun. Give each person a plant, and research it, learn about the seeds, growing process, then how to harvest and finally store the food. Teaching and learning how to save seeds for the coming year is another great educational tool, one that will also save you money.

Add in Some Science

The chemical make up and nutritional information of fruits and vegetables opens up learning to more subjects. And learning chemistry while eating a watermelon makes it almost tolerable.

Turn Harvesting into a Cooking Class

Cooking is another skill that way too many children (and adults) grow up without ever learning. Skip that look from your child’s spouse-to-be of “why can’t your child boil water?,” and teach them how to cook their fruit or vegetable.

Community Involvement

There is always that one vegetable that your garden grows like magic. Make a mini farm stand or donate it to a local food bank.

Plan With Some Math

Let’s face it, even adults require a calculator when measuring out the space needed per plant in a garden. Give the task of assigning where each plant will go in the garden to your child. Give them the tools to mark off areas and detail where each plant will grow.

Grow little doctors

Most herbs have medicinal benefits. Teach an herbalism course where you grow the medicines! Read up on some herbal remedies, grab seeds and supplies, and teach your little ones how to truly heal.

Why Gardening Should Be In Your Homeschool Plans

                                             Image by Danielle

It’s time to look at our homeschool plans outside of the same topics taught in public schools. Didn’t we decide to homeschool to give our children a more well-rounded education? Gardening and how to care for the food we grow is an important life skill that should not be forgotten. Use these tips to start your own gardening class!

How have you included gardening in your homeschool plans?

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