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Jaclyn Harwell September 2, 2016

By Jaclyn, Contributor

Imagine we’re friends. Imagine you’ve come over for the morning so our kids can play and we can chat, ya know, have some “adult time.” I’ll pour you a hot tea, because that’s what I always do when my friends come over. And we’ll sit down and I’ll broach a subject that’s been heavy on my heart.

If we’re good friends, we might be able to have this conversation without harsh words or hurt feelings. If we’re acquaintances, you may mentally calculate the minutes before you can politely excuse yourself and head home with your kiddos. You may hear me out, because you’ve wondered about this topic, too.

From One Mama to Another:

“I’ve been reading a lot of research,” I’ll say. “I think vaccines cause autism.” And then I’ll brace myself for what you say next. Will you look at me and really listen, really? With an open mind and heart, and genuinely want to know more?

Maybe you’ll say you’ve done your own research and you’ve come to a different conclusion, and we’ll agree to disagree. You may distance yourself from me after this, and I would understand, because it’s happened to me before.

Will you stand up, yell in my face, call me and my children names, insist I must hate people with autism and that I should have my children taken away? Probably not, because even if what I’ve said has struck a chord with you, people don’t speak to each other in that manner face to face. No, face to face we’re forced to see each other’s humanity, recognize each other as fellow mamas, and realize that screaming hateful words at each other doesn’t get us anywhere.

Maybe, just maybe, since you’re here at my house, sipping my tea, you think I’m an ok person, with only a desire to see my (and your) children live a healthy, happy life. So, even if you’ve blown this topic off before, maybe this time, I’ll peak your interest, and you and I will have a reasonable conversation about the matter, from one mama to another.

I’ll tell you about how it all started: first, I read about how children with chronic eczema and allergies are likely showing poor immune response to vaccines. And when I learned this, my stomach dropped, because my oldest son had had those symptoms since not long after birth.

Then I’ll tell you about how I had read about how ADHD and sensory processing disorders, two disorders my own son has suffered from, are also linked to vaccines. You begin to soften, and you realize that I’m really just on a quest to learn how to help my son, and that maybe this research I’ve done has some merit.

You’ll agree that it’s strange that more and more children are being diagnosed with these disorders, as well as autism and immune disorders, like asthma and diabetes. And we’ll wonder together just why are our kids so sick?

Then I’ll pull up a chart showing how many vaccines our children receive compared to how many we received, and especially compared to how many our parents received. “Wow,” you might say. “That’s a huge difference. Has the safety of this increase in vaccines been tested?”

From one mama to another, I’ll reveal that today’s schedule has never been thoroughly tested, and there’s no way to know if attacking our children’s immune systems with this many in such a short amount of time is safe for our kids, but with the health problems facing today’s kids, how could it be? You can’t help but agree that something’s amiss and more research is warranted.

I’ll go on to tell you that I can never in good conscience give my kids vaccines again, and how much I wish I could go back and do things differently, because I’m certain they harmed my child. I’ll probably cry out of anger because I feel like I was duped into believing I was doing what was best for him. And I’ll remember about how when I told our doctor we weren’t comfortable with vaccinations any more, he kicked us out of his practice, and how I cried when I got off the phone because I had trusted him to help me keep my kids healthy.

I’ll tell you that ultimately –from one mama to another?– he did us a favor, because I then had no choice but to learn about how to take care of my kids naturally, using herbs and other natural methods, and my kids’ health has improved steadily since that time.

From One Mama to Another | Modern Alternative Mama

But I still remember the time we spent in his office. I might tell you a few of our war stories: about how the pediatrician used to treat me like I was an idiot when I said I thought there was something wrong, that my son wasn’t interacting socially like I thought he should. How he blew me off when I told him about the knots my son developed in his legs after vaccinations and ran a fever and even had diarrhea for a whole week following one set of vaccinations.

I’ll never forget how violently my son fought against every set of vaccinations, because he intuitively knew something I didn’t: that they were poison to him, and I can still see the time a nurse thrust a needle in his leg carelessly as he was thrashing about, and how frightening that was to me, and how much more frightening it must’ve been to him.

I’ll remember the frustration of feeling like that doctor blamed me for my son being unable to sit still in his office, and how he snapped at my son and treated him rudely during outbursts of hyperactivity and impulsivity. And I’ll tell you about how he finally referred us to a children’s therapist and I finally thought we would get some help, but, instead she told us she couldn’t help because he had the most severe ADHD she’d ever seen in a three-year-old and we needed to seek medication for him.

But I’ll smile as I tell you that was a turning point for us. It was then that we decided to heal our son through a healthier diet. We started by removing a few harmful ingredients, and, eventually, healed him in a major way. And I’ll tell you that I’m forever grateful that I turned away from modern food and medicine and how thankful I am for my son’s healing.

Maybe it will end there, and we’ll both be ok with doing what we think is best for our kids, even if that means different things. And we will still be friends.

But maybe, just maybe, my story will create a desire in you that you can’t quiet. You’ll know deep down that I’m telling the truth (because what do I have to gain from lying?), and that you can’t trust doctors and corporations with your child’s health anymore either. And you, mama, will become another mama on the quest for the truth, and someday, you’ll be right where I am, imparting the truth to a friend, from one mama to another.

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When Jaclyn became a mom more than eight years ago, health food was the last thing on her mind, but when her oldest son began to struggle with behavioral problems early in life, she dove in headfirst to begin learning about how to live and eat naturally. Since then, her children have been healed of eczema and digestive problems and her own thyroid disorder has been healed. Best of all, her son’s behavior continues to improve as he heals through diet. As she continues to fight for her family’s health and well-being, Jaclyn focuses on GAPS-diet and Paleo foods with an emphasis on nourishing and healing foods like broth and homemade sauerkraut. You can find her writing about raising a healthy, happy family at


  1. You are trying to find an excuse for your sons exema and adhd by spreading lies about vaccines causing autism? My family has had add/exema and mental illness since before vaccines and these vaccines didn’t hurt us further. I. Fact, my youngest son is 3, non verbal probably on the spectrum and has never been vaccinated but is scheduled to catch up. Please stop spreading falsehoods about autism and vaccines. Vaccines save lives. You are harming lives and communities.


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