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It’s back-to-school time — there’s no question about it. And even if you homeschool (like we do), kids will still be getting together more often, and indoors.  There are dance classes, scouts, homeschool coops, church groups, and more.  There are activities no matter what kind of schooling you do. That means…illness. There is the potential Read More

By Katie Stanley, Contributing Writer Children of all ages love popsicles! Okay, so do adults, who are we joking here. I still remember the days at friend’s houses when we would suck on cold bright-colored pops. I loved them but those will never be seen in my house if I have anything to do with Read More

It’s HERE!!! This is the first book I’ve launched in almost a year and a half.  In fact, the last one was A Practical Guide to Children’s Health, which came out in March 2013 (when my youngest was just a newborn).  That is the second book that I launched when I had a newborn, actually.  Against Read More

  Image by suika This story is one that I hope it won’t be hard to tell.  I’m looking at it as a positive thing right now.  Or detached.  Or minute to minute.  I’m trying not to think about the overall impact, the meta-version of this story.  Because that would be too much. It starts Read More

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