Health News Tuesday: Reducing Childhood Obesity, Female Hormones Grow in Trees

Health News Tuesday!

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Drug-Resistant Bacteria Often Brought Home from Hospitals
MRSA is an increasing concern, and the bacteria is often brought from the hospital into the community.

Study Links Sugary Soft Drinks to Pancreatic Cancer
Even consuming one or two sweetened sodas per week raises your risk of this rare and deadly cancer.

Female Hormones Grow in Trees, say Scientists
Progesterone has been found in walnut trees.

3 Simple Steps Can Cut Childhood Obesity
A new study finds that, despite diet, having family dinners, getting enough sleep, and limiting TV time can cut a child’s risk of obesity.

Moms Over 40 Nearly Twice as Likely to Have a Child with Autism

Another piece of the puzzle is discovered.

Nearly 17,000 Chemicals Remain Corporate Secrets

What is in these chemicals, which may be in your products? What do they do?

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  1. Anonymous says

    From what I have read, I thought you already knew why autism happens. Are there other reasons? Is this age thing valid?

  2. says


    There are MANY reasons why autism happens, nearly all from our modern life. Maternal age, antibiotics, vaccines, various diets (including high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, etc.) have all been implicated. I believe that it is a combination of these factors that cause autism.

  3. Anonymous says

    Interesting! I think it may happen from too much electronic stimuli and not enough maternal/paternal stimuli. So many autistic kids LOVE computers.

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