Giveaway: Mom Essentials Doctoring

Today I’m bringing you an interesting resource in home medicating.

If you’re new to self-treatment and aren’t sure where to begin, Jenni and her book, “Mom Essentials: Doctoring” can help.  Here’s a little bit about her:

Jenni has a Master Herbalist degree, has had 12 years experience using herbs, 7 years using essential oils and countless experiences with her 7 children using various healing modalities. She has home educated her children off and on for 14 years, and has done extensive research and training for herself on the subject. She has been preparing healthy, whole foods and creating recipes her family loves for 13 years.

Her book is all about how to doctor your family at home.  She goes through several personal anecdotes and experiences, and follows up with tips and recipes on how to treat all types of illnesses and conditions.  Jenni addresses topics like:

  • Healing sore muscles
  • Soda substitute, “Sassy water”
  • Essential oil use
  • Avoiding miscarriage
  • Fighting urinary tract infections
  • Eliminating constipation
  • Managing RSV and pertussis
  • Endometriosis, PCOS, and other fertility issues
  • Strep throat help
  • Helping eczema
  • Kid calm-all tea
  • Teething pain solutions
  • Twisted ankle relief
  • …and lots more!

(I’ve only included maybe a third of the full table of contents here, honestly, there is really a lot more!)

Jenni includes her favorite essential oils, herbs, and other formulas — with recipes and directions — among her advice.  There are a lot of bits of wisdom to be found on treating a wide variety of injuries and illnesses.

Here’s more about it from her site:


Mom Essentials Doctoring – Learn how Jenni ended years of chronic health problems, quadrupled her energy levels and took control of her family’s health. Her informational how-to articles teach people how to get down to the root causes of illness so they can stop running to the doctor for every little thing. We can all learn the basics of home remedies and do-it-ourselves! 


“I enjoy Jenni’s approach to natural and healthy living and love all the information on her blog. I have been using the products she offers with great result and appreciate all of her knowledge about oils, herbs, etc.” –Dagmar Bleasdale of Dagmar’s Momsense

Jenni’s free report:

If I had one criticism of this book, it would be that it is not that well organized.  The stories aren’t separated into distinct chapters (just sub-headings) and sometimes the alignment of the pictures isn’t quite right.  This can make it hard to find exactly what you are looking for, but doesn’t detract from the usefulness of the information.

Do you want to win a copy?

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This giveaway will end on Friday, February 10th, and the winner will be announced by Monday, February 13th.  The winner will be chosen via “…And the Winner Is” WordPress plugin.  Good luck!

Jenni’s book is normally $19, but is currently on sale for $9 — no coupon needed!  Just in case you want to buy now. :)

Jenni is a do-it-yourself, happily married, mother of seven energetic kids. I recently finished my master herbalist degree and am now learning aromatherapy! I teach classes regularly and am a family health coach and life-change mentor. I am passionate about empowering people, especially women, mothers and fathers, to be teachers, chefs, and doctors in their own homes.

Read about my personal journeys:

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What condition are you most interested in learning to treat at home?


  1. Chelsea Wipf says

    I would love to know natural ways for dealing with rsv and pertussis because seems like everyone I know with little kids has been having them come down with it.

  2. Dawn says

    Sassy water sounds like something we would like to try! Never heard of this, but sounds interesting.

  3. Kelli says

    I would love to win the Mom Essential Doctoring book. I so want to learn to practice more prevention and use natural remedies when needed but it’s hard to know where to begin. This would surely help!

  4. Kelli says

    Oops, I was supposed to mention what remedy I would most likely try. That would be remedies for ear infections along with anything for asthma control.

  5. Maria says

    Done! I like Mom’s Essentials Doctoring. I am especially interested in:

    Endometriosis, PCOS, and other fertility issues.

    I am a forty five year old woman with endometriosis stage four. We would love to have children. We have been trying for the almost 5 years we have been married with no success. It makes me so sad to think we might never have a child. I would love to win this book – whatever it says about endo and fertility could help us be able to have a child. It would give me such hope. Thank you!


  6. Heidi Meythaler says

    I would love to learn more about how to prevent miscarriage. I work with a lot of women in their child-bearing years and would love to know some preventative tips to share to avoid miscarriage!

  7. Jane says

    I would love to win the Essentials Doctoring. Dealing with common cold issues naturally would be great

  8. Jessica says

    I am very interested in learning about trying to prepare your body to prevent miscarriages, and also I would love to learn more about how she raised her energy levels. Thank you!

  9. Amanda says

    I want to win because I would love to avoid the pediatrician’s office. I would be most interested in healing and preventing colds.

  10. Karma says

    I have been reading Jenni’s site for a while and really want to use more essential oils for my family’s health.

  11. Jennifer says

    This might seem silly, but I really want to know how to make my kids feel comfortable during a cold. My baby gets so miserable and can’t sleep but all I know about is giving pain killers which I don’t want to do.

  12. says

    I am really interested in natural treatments but do not have enough knowledge. i would love to win this book as it seems like a really thorough research to have to help me treat my family naturally. I would definitely try the remedies for preventing and treating colds and for healing cuts and scrapes without neosporin.

  13. Sarah says

    I am very interested to learn more about essential oils to kill infections and strengthen our immune systems. In a world of Scentsy and other synthetic fragrances, I love the idea that essential oils are potent to do these great things and smell good too- the real deal!

  14. says

    I’m interested in the Mom Essentials Doctoring, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to educate myself on these types of remedies. It would be nice to have everything in one place to reference.