Green Pastures GIVEAWAY!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love Green Pastures products.  In fact, I just put in another order last week, because I was running low on my Cinnamon Tingle FCLO/BO, which I love and never want to be out of.  Except for brief lapses because I just wasn’t paying attention, I have bought and had on hand these products constantly since I first tried them a year and a half ago.

You can read my initial review, as well as more information about their products, if you are curious.

If you buy any supplement, and you can only afford one on a regular basis…this should be it.  And it’s definitely something you want for healthy children!  Mine still enjoy their “special chocolate” (Chocolate Cream flavored FCLO/BO) everyday.  In fact, they remind me if I forget.  I still notice how we handle things better when we take it than when we don’t.


I know some of you are skeptics.  Because let’s face it, this stuff is expensive.  Does it really work that well?

This spring, some pretty nasty stuff went through our area.  People had terrible stomach viruses that lasted days.  There was bronchitis, strep throat, RSV, and a number of other things.  Babies were hospitalized or prescribed nebulizers.  Many were down with antibiotics.  I’m sure we were exposed to these things several times.

Yet, we escaped relatively unscathed.

We were sick more often than I liked — it seemed like someone was taking a turn every few days, for awhile there — but each person’s illness was over in a matter of hours, a day tops.  No one ran a high fever (I’m not sure anyone had one at all, actually).  No one had a lingering cough.  We didn’t even need to consider seeing a doctor, much less taking any drugs.  It was annoying, but it was, in the grand scheme, so minor.

And I credit a healthy diet…and FCLO.  That’s been our experience all along!

Last fall my husband suffered a very bad case of poison ivy.  Bad enough that after a couple days, we went to urgent care and he got a steroid shot (I know!!).  Anyway, it did nothing, further confirming my general avoidance of all things mainstream (in non-emergency situations, of course).  I talked him into taking his FCLO, which he hadn’t done for awhile.  Within a day or so, the poison ivy was healing, because the FCLO boosted his immune system and reduced inflammation.  It was pretty awesome.

Want Some?

Now that I’ve talked it up…again…want to try it?  It’s not cheap, as I said.  But it’s completely worth it.  It’s a hard “pill” to swallow, spending that much money just to try something out.

But three lucky winners will get a $50 gift card to buy the product of their choice.  (I know…it’s a big week!)  Here’s how to win:

  1. Visit Green Pastures and tell me which product you’d choose
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That’s it!  This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.  Prize is 1 $50-coupon for product of choice, for three winners.  No cash value.  If shipping or product cost is in excess of $50, winner is responsible to pay this.  Giveaway will run through Saturday, Mar. 24th, and the winner will be announced Monday, Mar. 26th.  Winners will be chosen via WP plugin “And The Winner Is” at random.

Why do you want to try Green Pastures’ Products?


  1. Michelle says

    I would love to try the FCL with Butter oil blend. I’m not sure which flavour yet though.

  2. Rachel says

    I chose **NEW**BLUE ICE™ Emulsified Fermented Cod Liver Oil – Ginger**KID TESTED**. Have found “Ancestre Butter” here in Quebec aka. raw milk. Have a can of livers from cod fish in my fridge–haven’t worked up the nerve to just pop in my mouth (how does one just eat them, anyway?). My husband has the daughter scared of fish, but after watching Healthy Home Economist videos (how I found you), she is now asking for cod liver oil. She’s really getting it! Thank you for sharing. God bless!