As a working mama I need some meals, especially morning meals that are quick and easy to make. It is tempting to reach for a box of pancake mix or shake and pour jugs that make whipping up a pancake breakfast a breeze.

Unboxed Instant Pancakes

As easy as store box mixes are I wanted something that contained pure ingredients and no unpronounceables.  I also needed something that would travel well and did not require special handling since we camp throughout the summer and our son has a sitter when I go to work.

I needed an unboxed instant mix. The search was on.

I found a few variations on different recipe sites but nothing that I tried worked well with spelt flour. They were too heavy and dry after they were done.

Batch Up

If you’ve got several hungry mouths to feed or you want to make the mix in bulk this recipe works great for that too.

I like to make a big batch of dry mix, enough to last for at least three weeks. I just store it in the freezer (when there’s room) or in the pantry.

Babysitter Friendly

When I have a babysitter, even if it’s family, I don’t want my son to eat junky food but I also don’t want to make things difficult on the sitter. Having a batch of dry spelt pancake mix on hand makes breakfast a snap because it’s as easy as using a box of Bisquick.

Straight or Soaked

If you’re a soaker this recipe works well soaked too. I have soaked overnight with yogurt and then thinned slightly in the morning with raw milk to the desired consistency.

Again, this is still a sitter-friendly option since you do the bulk of the work at night. They may think it’s odd to leave something out on the counter overnight to soak in yogurt but it’s a great conversation starter for someone new to real food!

Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes

Batch Mix Recipe

  • 4 C spelt flour, freshly ground if possible
  • 4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp salt (optional but use non-iodized salt if you do)
  • 8 tsp (2 TBSP & 2 tsp)baking powder (aluminum free is best)

Mix this together in a medium-size container suitable for storage in the freezer or pantry.

Morning Pancakes for 2

  • 1 Cup of dry Cinnamon Spelt Pancake mix
  • 1 Cup of raw milk, plus extra
  • Butter or coconut oil for greasing pan or griddle

Heat a greased griddle or pan to medium heat. In a small bowl combine milk and pancake mix. I allow mine to sit a few moments to determine if I need to add more milk. Mixture should be pourable. Pour 1/4 to 1/8 of mix onto griddle for each pancake. Brown on one side until bubbles form, flip and brown on other side to desired doneness.

Serve with fresh strawberries, berry topping or grade B maple syrup.

Adjust this recipe accordingly for the number of people you are serving.

Soaked Pancakes

  • 1 Cup of dry Cinnamon Spelt Pancake mix
  • 1 Cup of raw milk yogurt

Mix together in a glass bowl. Cover with lid or kitchen towel and allow mixture to sit overnight on your counter.

Heat a greased griddle or pan to medium heat. Thicken or thin as necessary with milk or additional dry mix. Pour 1/4 to 1/8 cup of mix onto griddle for each pancake. Brown on one side until bubbles form, flip and brown on other side to desired doneness.

Adjust this recipe accordingly for the number of people you are serving.

What I like the most about this recipe is that the heaviness I mentioned earlier when using spelt flour is offset by the cinnamon.  Adding the cinnamon gives the pancakes a slight but not over powering spice.  Even my husband likes these pancakes and he does not like cinnamon.

Do you make any dry mixes ahead of time? If so, what do you make?

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed

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  2. Any gluten free versions?


    • Good question! Maybe with rice flour.

      I’ have never tried using rice flour though so I can’t speak to how they’d turn out. If you try it that way please let us know how it works.


  3. Rice flour us not very nutrient dense. Perhaps I will work up a coconut flour or almond flour version. Thanks.


  4. Would it work with whole wheat flour?


    • Laura,
      I wouldn’t see why not. I have used it with white spelt and a mixture of spelt and whole wheat when I didn’t have enough fresh ground spelt in the freezer.


  5. Is there no oil or eggs in this mix? That sounds a bit scary to me. I would think they might stick to the pan.
    Hmm, interesting.


    • Jill,
      No oil and no egg. I butter my griddle or pan. Actually I just turn on the griddle and drop a pat of butter on it and once melted I spread it out.


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