The good news just keeps on coming!

In two weeks, we will be launching our third sister site, Modern Alternative Health!  This site will launch just in time for the fall, right when everyone gets concerned about staying healthy!

I love to write about health on here (and I still will), but I just don’t have the time to get into all the nitty-gritty details of natural health and how to keep yourself healthy.  There are so many topics out there!  And there are new studies, treatments, and information coming all the time.  I wish I had the time.  But you can now find all of that at Modern Alternative Health!

What kind of topics can you expect to find there?

  • Home remedies
  • Alternative provider information (acupuncture, chiropractor, etc.)
  • Herbal features (explaining the history, benefits, uses, side effects, etc. of one herb at a time)
  • Treatments for acute conditions (strep, lice, fevers, and pink eye are just a few you’ll see in Sept.)
  • New health research
  • Healthy supplement use
  • Exercise/diet (as it specifically relates to staying healthy)
  • Mental health
  • …and more!

If it’s health-related, you’ll find it at Modern Alternative Health! And of course, since it’s an alternative health site, you can expect that the vast majority of the topics will be alternative in nature, helping you to heal your bodies naturally and teaching you how to treat colds, flus, and other acute conditions at home.  We’ll also feature stories from time to time of people who have healed themselves from more serious conditions naturally…for informational purposes only, of course. :)  The majority of the contributors are not doctors!

Speaking of contributors, we have another excellent team!

First, there is our editor, Beth Grice. She’s a long-time MAM reader and is doing an awesome job creating and managing the site.  She has amazing ideas and has really helped this site take shape (wish I could share it with you now!).  Sadly you must wait. :)  But you can get to know her better on our Facebook page.

Then, there is our team of contributors:

This is an awesome team of men and women who are very experienced with herbs and other forms of alternative medicine, and I know you’ll benefit from it!

The official launch date is on Tuesday, September 4th (since Monday the 3rd is Labor Day).  I hope you’ll come and join us over at Modern Alternative Health at that point and check out the awesome launch week giveaway, as well as getting to meet the contributors and see the new information!

In the mean time, please get to know our team and our sponsors over on our Facebook page, which is live today.  Feel free to ask questions and to share topics that you’d love to see them cover in upcoming months!

What are you most excited for at Modern Alternative Health?

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Kate is wife to Ben and mommy to Bekah (6.5), Daniel (5), Jacob (3), and Nathan (1.5). She is passionate about God, health, and food. She has written 7 cookbooks and a popular book entitled A Practical Guide to Children's Health. She also recently released Healing With God's Earthly Gifts: Natural and Herbal Remedies, which teaches people to use natural remedies to keep their families healthy. When she's not blogging, she's in the kitchen, sewing, or homeschooling her children.

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  1. I’m excited for all of it! I am most excited for the home remedies as it seems as if I am always looking for a remedy for something, if not for myself, for someone else :) Thanks!


  2. Third? How did I miss that. What’s the second?


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