Does Your Baby’s Skin Need Help?

These days, too many parents are struggling with their baby’s skin.  It’s dry, maybe has eczema, maybe frequent diaper rash — and they’re not sure how to help.  I’ve talked to many parents who are having these struggles, and who are turning to OTC or even prescription creams to help their children.  Some of these creams […]

On Why You Shouldn’t Change to Please Others

This isn’t a post I thought I’d write, but, it’s on my mind so I’m going to write it anyway.   I’ve built this blog on two main things: living an alternative life, and respecting others’ choices.  That is, I strive to educate people about what their options are, and I do support whatever you […]

There Is No One “Right” Diet

Image by Rick Ligthelm I keep running into people, many of whom have finally discovered, possibly after years of experiments, what makes them feel really good, diet-wise.  They are, naturally, excited.  They want to shout it from the rooftops.  They often read everything they can get their hands on about their new diet and all of […]

Are Natural Treatments For Cancer Possible?

Image by mauroguanandi It’s October, which means Breast Cancer Awareness.  Pink is everywhere.  (Read why I’m not going pink.)  But in today’s post, I don’t want to talk about awareness.  We’re all aware of breast cancer.  What I want to talk about is alternative and natural treatments for cancer. This isn’t a research-based post and it […]

It’s Only a Little Ebola….

Recently, the news has been abuzz about ebola — specifically, health care workers contracting ebola.  This is how it should read: “Health care worker A has been infected with ebola.  S/he was caring for a patient infected with the disease, and had been placed under proper quarantine as a precaution.  Unfortunately, s/he did develop symptoms.  We […]