How Ditching Your Flip Flops Will Improve Your Health

I have a confession to make – I’m a flip flop addict. Since I was a teenager I have enjoyed the ease of being a flip flop wearer. In fact, I’m know to wear a pair until they literally fall apart (ever been the person trying to hold your flip flop together in the middle […]

Why You Should Be Eating Fermented Foods (And A Giveaway!)

By Beth, Contributing Writer This post has been sponsored by Zukay Live Foods. All thoughts and opinions are  my own. Ferment – What? Fermented foods are all the rage online these days. You’ll find tons of tutorial on how to ferment everything from veggies to ketchup and even something called kefir. But why? Why has […]

5 Reasons Your Little Ones Should Be Gardening

  Image by Oscar Shen Written by Beth, Contributing Writer Kids love playing outside and getting dirty. Put those eager little hands to good work this year by letting them help in your garden! 1) Where Food Comes From I’ve always felt that it was very important for my child to know that food doesn’t just […]