The Media on Tetanus: Teaching or Scaring?

By Jessica, Contributing Writer A recent story circulated fb about a young boy almost dying from tetanus. The essence of the article was to scare parents into vaccinating their children.  Captured perfectly by the title: Parents’ fear of vaccinations nearly killed their son. When the media ran this story, it could have done two things: […]

Super Duper Easy Sweet Tooth Fixins’

Originally posted on my blog: Gianelloni Family: Life As We Know It Our Top 5 Go-To Sweet Tooth Desserts. When we first gave up refined white sugar and candy and candy bars and boxed cake mixes and cupcakes and pre-made icing and all those other “treats”, my husband went through serious withdrawals. I remember one […]

How Does Your Family Avoid Illness During the Holiday Season? I’ve been thinking a lot about how/why our family avoids illness during this time of year. It seems that while every other child around us is coming down with a variety of sicknesses & illnesses, our home stays rather healthy. We have 4 young children (ages 7, 5, 3, & 2) who have yet […]

The Myth of Vaccine Injury

Image by USACE European District I hear it everyday: “Vaccines Are Safe.” In its most simplest terms, you will hear: “Vaccines are safe.” In the most thought-out terms, you will hear: “The benefits outweigh the risks.” Rarely will you hear (from mainstream media and our medical system): “Vaccines have not been proven safe. Vaccine Injury […]

No Shots, No School, Not True It’s that time of year again. Back to School. And with that comes Back To School Shots. It was hard for me to read all the posts on Facebook leading up to back-to-school shots. “Just brought Sally in for her Kindergarten shots. I don’t know who cried more, me or her” “School shots today. […]