Resources to Inspire Your Prayer Life

image credit Guest post by Jessica P For the busy mom, it often seems like some of the things we need the most (exercise, time with friends, or a little “me” time) are sometimes the hardest to come by. We know it would be good for us. We know it may even help us do […]

A Family Valentine: 6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Together

By Virginia George, Contributing Writer I remember the days of decorating Valentine shoeboxes, of filling out Valentine cards and choosing your favorite designs for your best friends. When you walk into any store from mid-January on, you’re bombarded with pink and red. Hearts, candies, and plush toys fill the aisles and end caps.  When I began […]

Finding Time for Quiet Time with God

By Julia Mangan, Contributing Writer We are all so, so busy these days. Running from this to that, making sure all of our families needs are met, volunteering time for worthy endeavors, etc, etc, etc. It gets to be so overwhelming. And where does God fit into our busy lifestyle? I have found, like with […]