5 Tips for Grieving During the Holidays

I lost my dad right before Halloween this year.  So it’s been almost months and the aching pain in my heart is still there.  Tears still come.  I still have days when I think “I need to call Dad!” and then remember he’s not here any longer.  My solace is in knowing that he had […]

Should Christians Care About Local Agriculture?

image by Amy Loves Yah By Joanna Rodriguez, Contributing Writer  We’re talking “local” at MAM this month: local farms, local learning opportunities, local businesses, local food. Perhaps you already value the geographical place God has put you in for this season of your life. Perhaps you have fond memories of the community you grew up in. […]

All the Privileged People

Image by Phil Hilfiker via Compfight I’m in an interesting position to write this post.  (I’m doing so on Monday because of Thanksgiving week.  Next week Monday Health & Wellness will return.) I spent the previous week feeling sleep deprived, starving, somewhat sick, and irritable.  Anything and anyone who got in my way or challenged me […]