Grow Good Eaters: 5 Easy Vegetables to Plant With Your Kids

By Doña Bumgarner, Contributing Writer. “Mama, do we have any carrots?” My 3-year old is standing not in the kitchen, but in the backyard. She’s peering into our raised garden bed, where I’ve been growing vegetables with her and for our family since she was a baby. Together we’ve successfully grown peas, green beans, lettuce, […]

Growing Tomatoes 101

I think it’s safe to say we garden for tomatoes. I was never a tomato fan. I would order them off my burgers and sandwiches and skip them entirely on the veggie tray. Eventually I began to tolerate them on sandwiches and burgers, but still never alone. My husband, on the other hand, loves homegrown tomatoes. […]

Successive Planting for a Longer Garden Harvest

By contributing writer, Jessica. I’d venture to say that for the majority of us, gardening season is in full swing! Just a few weeks ago, we added a little fertilizer/mushroom soil to our space and tilled it in. A few beds were mounded for spring veggies and we were super eager to plant those first […]

5 Ways to Save Even More Money Gardening

Photo Credit: CharlesFred via Compfight cc By contributor Sarah Nichols Gardening season is upon us.  There are so many wonderful advantages to having your own garden. Many people garden so they can have access to fresh produce that is in season and grown free of harmful chemicals. Other people garden to avoid the genetically modified […]

Growing a Bountiful Garden in Cold Climates

Contributor post, courtesy of Abby from O’Mamas. Yesterday at the grocery store, I noticed small conventional limes were $1.50 each.  I knew it must be mislabeled, so I double checked with the cashier.  She said unfortunately that the price was right, and it was one of many foods on short supply, resulting in much higher prices. These […]