“Fat” is Not a Four Letter Word: Plant Fats

For years we’ve been bombarded with messages that fat is bad. We invented margarine (which is pretty disgusting if you read the history), built ourselves a food pyramid, and spent millions of dollars on huge campaigns to promote “low fat” and “fat free” foods. Research is beginning to surface that questions whether the “low fat” and “heart healthy” […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Low Fat Diets Are Not Healthy

Image by jessicafm **This post has been entered in Monday Mania at The Healthy Home Economist and Real Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop!** First — if you haven’t checked it out yet, Against the Grain: Delicious Recipes for a Whole Food and Grain-Free Diet is now available for purchase!!  Coupon code GRAINFREE40 gets 40% […]

Eating Fat: How and Why

Okay, so, I’ve been harping on eating fat a lot lately! But now I want to get even more indepth about what types of fat you should eat, why, and then give you several meal/snack ideas on how to get more good fats into your diet. In the ideas, I’ll be specifically focusing on dairy-free ideas. There is already a great list on how to eat more fat at Cheeseslave‘s blog that focuses on a lot of dairy-full ideas.