Real Food Chronicles: Jeanne @ Omamas

image credit by contributing writer Jeanne from O’Mamas When the ladies behind the genius Modern Alternative Mama posted a notice they wanted to explore a day-in-the-life of some of the contributing writers, I didn’t rush out and volunteer immediately. Not that my life isn’t an open book. I mean, I’m a blogger, for goodness sake. But I thought, maybe I’m not […]

10 Local Foods That are Best in Season (And How to Eat Them)

There is nothing like a fresh, ripe peach. I have made no secret of the fact that peaches, when fresh, are my favorite fruit to eat.  All fruits and vegetables are better in season, but those are just amazing, to me. Since our theme this month is “local,” I want to talk about the foods […]

Natural Foods: What does “Organic” Mean?

Image by s.wood79 **This post has been entered in Fight Back Fridays at Food Renegade!** Most of us buy organic foods, because they’re safer than conventional — they don’t contain harmful pesticides or GMO ingredients.  But realistically, when we’re buying organic foods from a standard grocery store, how much do we really know about them? […]