Affording Real Food: Thompson Family

elcome to Sarah Thompson, sharing with us today about how HER real food family sticks to a budget! 

John and Sarah Thompson live in coastal Maine with their two children, ages 4 and 5 months.  John is a timber frame carpenter specializing in traditionally-joined heavy timber construction.  He owns Garden Joinery, which designs and builds custom garden structures.  Their website is, and their blog is

Affording Real Food: Stephanie’s Ebook

I recently got the opportunity to read and review “Real Food on a Real Budget,” by Stephanie Langford of Keeper of the Home.  It’s absolutely perfect because it fits right in with this month’s theme!  Truthfully although I was interested to read it just for its own sake, I also wondered how others do it and if she could teach me anything I didn’t know.  The book ended up being just excellent in so many ways!