Kefir Ranch Dressing

By Robyn, Contributing Writer One of the first things I switched to making solely from scratch was salad dressing.  It was a very easy, early switch to make.  The store brands are loaded with junk that I didn’t want to consume and making your own is so simple.  I’m embarrassed to say before I started […]

Homemade Sausage: with a hidden superfood

  There are many reasons why you might want to DIY sausage with all homemade ingredients. It may be difficult to find pastured sausage, it may be more expensive, or you may be trying to avoid sugar which is in many sausages. Or…because you want to hide liver in it. Liver has a lot of […]

DIY Snack Bags

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from Kat. Kat is a self proclaimed “red-neck country wife” to one wonderfully amazing man, mother to many outrageous children, daughter of the ONE Glorious God. Learning to be more self-reliant & self-sufficient in a semi-homemade, homesteading way! How many bags (baggies) do you go through each and every […]

Homemade Cleaning Cloths (aka Un-Paper Towels)

It’s DIY month around here — we do this every April, and this is our third annual DIY month! We love to encourage you to do things yourself, in your home. All month long we’ll be sharing projects, recipes, remedies, crafts, and more with you. Be sure to pin your favorites, and subscribe to our […]