No Flu Shot For Me! Fighting the Flu With Essential Oils {Antiviral Spray Recipe}

by Virginia George, Contributing Writer Each fall we begin hearing predictions of the coming flu season. Experts speculate whether it’ll be a “bad” season, or just a mild one, and pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies start pushing the flu shot. Last year Walgreen’s came out with the “Arm yourself for the ones you love” campaign, making those of […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Homemade Teething Cream

Right, so, “teething cream” sounds super weird.  No?  But here’s the thing.  You can buy teething gel at the store.  I’m not entirely sure how to make a gel at home with safe ingredients…nor am I sure that it’s the most effective idea. But last week we ran out of teething tablets.  They started putting child […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Herbal Multivitamin Tincture

One question that I get very often is “What vitamin supplements do you recommend?”  Frankly, I can’t fully recommend any brand on the market (although I’m not familiar with all of them; it’s possible some are good).  These supplements have many problems, which make them less-than-ideal solutions for getting the recommended nutrients.  It’s why I […]

Monday Health & Wellness: How to Make a Glycerin Tincture

I love using herbal medicines.  So far, I’ve mostly done different types of tea, infused honey, and salves.  But now I’m planning to expand into a new area of herbal medicine: the tincture. A tincture is a super-concentrated herbal solution.  Herbs are placed in alcohol, vegetable glycerin, vinegar, or even a sugar solution and allowed […]

Monday Health & Wellness: Sore Muscle and Headache Salve

  **This post has been entered in Monday Mania at The Healthy Home Economist!** We are finally getting back to Monday Health & Wellness again!  We took a break in November for the Natural Holiday Celebrations Carnival.  I know some of you have been waiting for me to get back to these home remedies, though! […]