Why Curriculum Doesn’t Matter in Education

Image by Corey Leopold The other day, I asked my friends: what are the most important things for children to learn?  I got a variety of answers: How to think How to do research How to solve problems Creativity What I didn’t get were answers like “All of the U.S. presidents’ names and the dates […]

8 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Healthy Pregnancy

I’m starting to have pregnancy on the brain again.  A lot of my friends are pregnant, or have just had a new baby.  Our youngest is almost 20 months old — twice, we already had another baby when our toddlers were this age!  So you can see why I’m thinking about it now. In the […]

5 Ways to Throw a Non-Halloween “Halloween” Party

This year, we’re attending our first-ever “Halloween” party.  It’s with our homeschool group, where peoples’ beliefs vary quite widely.  We want to respect that, and plus, I have fond memories of Halloween from when I was a kid. My main objections to Halloween (which we don’t celebrate) are the amount of junky candy kids get, […]

Gentle Parenting Raises Good Kids, Too

For awhile now, I’ve been torn between two worlds, kid-discipline-wise. Since spring of 2011 (coming up on four years now), we’ve been striving to move towards positive or gentle parenting in our home.  The word “spank” is now extremely rare (typically said in a moment of frustration, before stopping and changing course) and actual spankings? […]

Does Your Baby’s Skin Need Help?

These days, too many parents are struggling with their baby’s skin.  It’s dry, maybe has eczema, maybe frequent diaper rash — and they’re not sure how to help.  I’ve talked to many parents who are having these struggles, and who are turning to OTC or even prescription creams to help their children.  Some of these creams […]