What’s the Big Deal About Skin Brushing?

Skin brushing is something I first heard of a few years ago.  The idea intrigued me, but I never really did anything about it.  There’s not a lot of solid evidence out there about how beneficial it is (or isn’t), but there are a ton of stories from people who’ve used it and have seen […]

Announcing 10 Days of Homemade Christmas! (And Plant Therapy Winner!)

I have something really cool to tell you guys. Actually, three really cool things to tell you.  So hang with me here…it’s just going to be good news after good news. 10 Days of Homemade Christmas Starting the first Monday in December — that’s actually December 1st! — we’ll be doing two weeks of Homemade Christmas […]

The True Cause of Morning Sickness

Image by Jacob Botter This post is sponsored by Pink Stork Solutions. Morning sickness. Most women who have ever been pregnant can relate to this.  Nearly everyone has some form of morning sickness, and some women unfortunately have pretty severe morning sickness — a few severe enough to require hospitalization.  It really can be very serious. […]

Action Alert!: New Bill Restricts Vaccine Choice in Ohio

As many of you know, I stand firmly for parental choice in vaccines — and most anything else. There’s a brand new bill that will severely restrict parents’ freedom in vaccine choice in Ohio, and we must oppose it, now.  This is not about what choice you, personally, make for your children — it’s your […]