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Real Food Chronicles: Jeanne @ Omamas

By | March 10, 2014

image credit by contributing writer Jeanne from O’Mamas When the ladies behind the genius Modern Alternative Mama posted a notice they wanted to explore a day-in-the-life of some of the contributing writers, I didn’t rush out and volunteer immediately. Not that my life isn’t an open book. I mean, I’m a blogger, for goodness sake. But I thought, maybe I’m not Read More

Why People Judge Mommies on the Internet

By | June 14, 2013

When I first started blogging, over 3 1/2 years ago now, I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of Mommy Judgment I encountered.  When you put something out there, some people think it’s perfectly acceptable to lash out and judge it, sometimes very harshly.  I’ve been told I’m a terrible mother, my kids should be taken Read More

Advice for New Bloggers: Creating Your Blog

By | October 9, 2012

Jacob Bøtter via Compfight Three years ago, I was in the new blogger shoes.  (Exactly three, as it happens — Modern Alternative Mama is three years old today!) I wanted to start a blog, I was about to start a blog, but I had no idea what to do after that.  I figured I needed Read More


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