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Frugal Living for Families: Are You Suffering From a Bad Case of “Car Fever?”

By | August 16, 2013

We’re in the middle of a series all about frugal living right now. Today, my husband, Ben, is going to share about why buying a new car could be the wrong choice for your family. Types of Expenses Just like all of you, our vehicles represent one of the largest expenses in our family budget. Read More

Frugal Living: Handling Emergencies Without Credit

By | August 2, 2013

We’re in the middle of a series all about frugal living right now.  Today, my husband, Ben, is going to share with you about handling emergencies without credit.  We haven’t used credit in several years now, and we have had emergencies — there are ways to deal with it, without a card!  Since that’s often Read More

Frugal Living for Families {New Series}

By | June 28, 2013

One thing that I hear often is “Kids are expensive.”  In fact, many have said it’s a reason why they won’t have more than a certain number! While I am not questioning any family’s decision on how many kids to have (I believe that’s private), if your only reason for not having more is because you Read More

Getting Control of Your Finances: A New Year’s Resolution

By | January 30, 2013

Image By 401(K) 2013 By Lindsey Stomberg, Contributing Writer I am not a New Year’s Resolution kind of girl, but this year I made an exception.  Due to some serious changes within our lifestyle and family last year, we needed to take a second look at our budget and do some major clean up before Read More

What Does The Bible Say About Debt?

By | February 7, 2012

My dad is a man in the Word. If I need to know something about a certain passage, I always ask him. My dad is also a man of few words – unlike his daughter. I can sometimes get pretty riled up when people describe debt as a “tool” when the Bible clearly speaks against Read More

Getting Out of Debt: The Nature of Frugality

By | July 29, 2011

This past Wednesday, my husband made the last payment on his last student loan…meaning, except for our mortgage, we are now completely out of debt.  No credit cards.  No car payments.  No student loans, or loans of any kind.  In case you’re wondering, I am 26 and so is he (until September).  Today’s actually our Read More

Choosing Debt-Free Living

By | May 14, 2011

Image by JollyUK I wrote a lot about debt-free living over a year and a half ago, when I first started this blog.  But I haven’t talked about it in awhile.  I want to tell you this: we’re almost debt-free.  We do still have a mortgage (and a plan to pay it off in about Read More

Frugal Living: Long-Term Goals

By | November 1, 2010

Image by TWCollins Frugal living is obviously something we’ve talked about a lot here, albeit not recently.  It’s also a common theme on many blogs that I follow.  For good reason: frugal living goes hand-in-hand with green/sustainable living.  We have to be good stewards of the resources we’ve been given.  Recently I’ve found myself a Read More

Myths About Credit Cards

By | January 18, 2010

I know some of you have seen all our previous posts on getting out of debt and alternatives to credit and everything else, but are really holding out. “Credit is good!” you say. “I need to have my credit rating! And credit cards don’t hurt if I pay them off monthly, plus I get cool rewards!” For all of you, it is time to explore some credit card myths (and by the way, I wrote this intro before I actually posted the other entries. I just knew that somebody would say those things, lol).

Alternatives to Credit and Living Within Your Means

By | January 9, 2010

Now that you’ve made a promise to get rid of credit card debt (hopefully), it’s time to explore some alternatives to using credit cards. If you haven’t seen our previous posts on ways to save money, please go back and visit them. But now it’s time to talk specifically about living within your means.

Credit Card Debt: Getting Rid of It

By | January 6, 2010

Now that the holidays are over, how are you doing on debt? If you’re like most Americans, you spent a LOT on your credit cards to pay for the holidays. Of course, if, like us, you did a homemade Christmas, you probably didn’t spend much or anything on credit. But, the average American racks up $935 in credit card debt during the holidays.

Debt-Free Living

By | November 1, 2009

How much do you know about debt-free living? If you’re like most Americans, not much. We unfortunately live in a culture where debt is celebrated. However, we’ve been personally practicing debt-free living, following the principles of the Dave Ramsey plan for about two and a half years now. We’re not completely debt-free yet, but a lot of our decisions (financial and otherwise) are geared towards getting out of debt, and we have made significant progress. We believe it is important to be good stewards with God’s resources, to use our money wisely. If you are not familiar with Dave Ramsey, you can view his website for more information. It is similar in Biblical principles to Crown Financial Ministries, if you are familiar with that.


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