Why Setting Goals May Not Be Your Best Approach

Image by Vinni123 By Megan, Contributing Writer Daily Tip: Avoid discouragement by focusing on what is best for your family and not what “The Jones’ are doing.” (Danielle Tate, More Than Four Walls) At the beginning of every year it is not uncommon to hear people setting New Year’s Resolutions–usually a list of goals or ambitions […]

Financial Mistakes in our Newlywed Days

Image by epsos.de by Erin Odom, Contributing Writer With a new year always comes new talk goals, whether it be for your spiritual life, your health, or, for many people, your finances. Thankfully, besides our house, our family doesn’t have debt. But while we haven’t used credit cards since we were married nearly 7 years ago, […]

Saving Plans

There are many ways to save money that can really work well for you.  I don’t know all of them myself, so I’m writing this with Ben, who knows a lot more about money and finances than I do.  We’re hoping to give you a summary of good savings options!  They’re listed in order from most liquid (easy to get money out whenever you need it) to least liquid.