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32 Simple, Homemade Gifts for Anyone

By | December 5, 2013

  By Jerri Ann Mills, Contributing Writer Ready or not, we are in the midst of Holiday Season 2013. Are you still eating leftover turkey? Thanksgiving was later than normal this year, which means the Christmas season is shorter. This means less time to shop and busier stores. Sounds like a recipe for disaster if Read More

5 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapers

By | November 20, 2013

My baby girl will be 3 months old this week, so I admit we are fresh off the boat when it comes to the cloth diapers game. But I wanted to take some time to encourage new parents, or parents-to-be, or those who are currently using disposables that cloth diapering is easy. And cheap. And, Read More

10 Unusual Ways to Pinch Pennies

By | August 28, 2013

Image by Melissa Hincha-Ownby By Matthew, Contributing Writer Back-to-school time is usually a spendy season what with new shoes, outfits, backpacks, notebooks…the list goes on. And it’s an expensive season every time I walk into the grocery store. Because our budget isn’t growing as quickly as prices are rising, my wife and I are trying a Read More

3 Simple Ways to Savor Warm Summer Nights

By | July 16, 2013

By Jessica, Contributing Writer It was only a few weeks ago that the calendar landed on the Summer Solstice, boasting the most daylight of any day of the year. It’s a trademark feature of this much loved season. Long days that very slowly fade into warm, comfortable nights. The perfect recipe for some family fun Read More

Frugal Living for Families: One Tip to Save on Groceries

By | July 12, 2013

Hello!  Right now we’re in the middle of a series on Frugal Living for Families.  This is our third post.  So far we’ve had the introduction, and holiday celebrations.  Now we’re on to talk a little bit about the grocery budget. I’ve written extensively about grocery budgeting before.  In fact, I’m even in the middle Read More

5 Reasons to Stay HOME this Summer

By | July 3, 2013

By Malissa McClintock, Contributing Writer It’s July already. I’m not really sure how that happened, but I know in the process I have been beyond busy, stressed out, and my house is a wreck. Daily I look for excuses or silently offer thanks for the reasons I have to leave the house. With summer half Read More

Frugal Living for Families {New Series}

By | June 28, 2013

One thing that I hear often is “Kids are expensive.”  In fact, many have said it’s a reason why they won’t have more than a certain number! While I am not questioning any family’s decision on how many kids to have (I believe that’s private), if your only reason for not having more is because you Read More

Is Buying “Cheap” Always Bad?

By | June 25, 2013

Last week, I read a post by The Healthy Home Economist about why buying coconut oil at Costco is bad.  It seems that someone had emailed her to ask if her coconut oil, which had an “off” smell, was truly bad and if so, why.  It just so happened that the woman had purchased Carrington Read More

18 Summer Activities that Cost Little to No Money

By | June 5, 2013

By Nina, Contributing Writer Even though we homeschool our four little ones and do fun activities throughout the year, I still get giddy for the summertime and all of the special fun the season brings with it. Summer is a great time to do fun activities with the kids but there’s no reason it should cost Read More

5 Ways to Use the Internet to Save Money on Local Food

By | May 15, 2013

Image by ilovebutter By Nina, Contributing Writer When I first learned about real food, I was already feeding my family on a very small budget. I allotted $180/month for groceries and we had 3 little ones at the time. So as I started reading food blogs and learning about nourishing my family, one concern kept coming up: Read More

4 Tips for Sourcing Quality Produce

By | May 14, 2013

By Sara Shay, Contributing Writer Sure, ideally we’d all love to buy organic locally grown fruits and veggies.  Or better yet, have a nice big beautiful garden of our own.  But some of us don’t have the budget, space or access to this.  So how do you navigate all the “labels” out there??? Dirty Dozen Read More

Monday Health & Wellness: Getting Quality Food When You Don’t Have Local Sources (Giveaway!)

By | May 13, 2013

This month we are talking all about local food.  But, whenever we talk local, I inevitably hear some version of this: “You are lucky.  There are really no local sources near me that have quality food.  How am I supposed to eat well when there are no good options?” I understand the frustration.  A few Read More


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