No Flu Shot For Me! Fighting the Flu With Essential Oils {Antiviral Spray Recipe}

by Virginia George, Contributing Writer Each fall we begin hearing predictions of the coming flu season. Experts speculate whether it’ll be a “bad” season, or just a mild one, and pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies start pushing the flu shot. Last year Walgreen’s came out with the “Arm yourself for the ones you love” campaign, making those of […]

The Unconventional {Back to School} Preventative Health Measure

By Megan Ciampa, Contributing Writer Chiropractic Care: The Unconventional {Back-to-School} Preventative Health Measure It’s back to school time and whether you have children in a physical school setting or not, chances are germs are going to be flying around.  School hasn’t even officially started in my region yet, but viruses are already making their way through […]

8 Ways to Use Less Sunscreen This Summer

Image by Robert S. Donovan  By Joanna Rodriguez, Contributing Writer We’ve been told for ages to slather ourselves and our children with sunscreen. We’ve grown to love the smell of Coppertone because it reminds us of summer and makes us feel nostalgic. And when we get that tube out of the drawer and open it up, […]

Healing Bug Bites

By Sara Shay, Contributing Writer Last year, of course right before school started, we fought a battle with some unknown bugs that were eating my daughter.  I tried so many kinds of “natural” ways to get rid of them.  I did finally find a solutions, but it still left me trying to figure out how […]