How to Deal With Depression in a Spouse

  Depression is a serious condition that affects many people in the United States, but the condition doesn’t just affect the depressed spouse. Depression also creates a burden on the non-depressed spouse who may feel lonely, stressed or overwhelmed by their partner’s behavior. Undiagnosed depression can be particularly harmful to a marriage as the depressed […]

Do you have a toxic couch?

By Robyn, Contributing Writer When I moved into my husband’s house I always looked forward to the time we could furnish the basement to have a fun living space for entertaining.  Towards the end of last year we were finally ready and excitedly headed to our local furniture store to pick out all the goodies.  […]

Is Stress A State Of Mind?

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from Paisley Hansen. The yearly TED conference is known for its thought-provoking presentations, and this year’s talk by Kelly McGonigal was no exception. According to McGonigal, stress is only bad for us if we think it is. And reaching out to help others, along with seeking comfort from other […]

Was Your Skin Care Grown in a Garden or Lab?

 Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from Molly of Bloom Naturals. Molly is a wife, homeschooling mother of 4 boys, lover of Jesus, who enjoys learning about healthy things. You won’t find her reading NY bestsellers but rather books on food, things that affect the skin, raising sons, and the things of God to whom […]