Healthy Pregnancy Series: Signs You Need a New Doctor

This post is particularly important to me, because in my first pregnancy, I chose a doctor the same way I chose every doctor at that point: I looked through providers on my insurance website and picked one that seemed nice. (i.e. had a name I could pronounce, was close to home, was a DO instead of MD….) Up until this point I’d always ended up with pretty nice doctors, so I felt comfortable choosing an OB this way too. Too bad that it didn’t go well.
But what I learned from this experience is that you can and should change your provider if you feel that the first person you’ve met with does not mesh with what you want. You have hired this person! You are not stuck! You have the right to work with someone with whom you are comfortable. I alluded to this in my post on Choosing a Provider, but now it’s time to discuss it a little more.