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All posts in Natural Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Series: Going Overdue

By | April 13, 2011

If you’re new to this series, you may want to check out the older posts first.  And by the way, have you read Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods yet?  It’s a way to simplify your pregnancy diet! At the end of pregnancy, many women feel like the days are crawling by…so…very…slowly!  Babies “can” be safely born Read More

Pregnancy Journal: Pregnancy Massage and Stress

By | April 7, 2011

Almost 23 weeks — moving quickly through the second trimester!  I’m starting to feel big, but only sometimes.  It just depends.  Some days I definitely do, and other days I feel like ” Pregnancy?  What pregnancy?”  I just feel fat.  I tend to carry on the smaller side, too, so it also depends on what Read More

Healthy Pregnancy Series: Waiting for Labor

By | April 6, 2011

If you’re new to this series, you may want to check out the older posts first! The end of pregnancy comes when labor finally starts.  But…what happens in those last weeks when it doesn’t?  For days…and weeks…!  Most women are ready to be done by the time they hit 32 – 34 weeks, and they’re Read More

Pregnancy Journal: Thinking Towards Birth

By | March 31, 2011

    22 weeks!  Or, well, tomorrow I will be.  I definitely look pregnant now.  I finally took a new picture so you can see.  At 18 weeks I still just had a slight bump, that could easily be mistaken for…well, nothing.  But now even strangers can be pretty sure I’m actually pregnant. This pregnancy Read More

Healthy Pregnancy Series: What to Expect in the Delivery Room

By | March 30, 2011

If you’re new to this series, you may want to check out the older posts first! Every successful pregnancy (i.e., ones that don’t end in miscarriage, a very unfortunate and emotional circumstance) eventually ends in the delivery room.  If you’re expecting your first baby, it’s hard to know what this experience is really like…until you’re there. Read More

Pregnancy Journal: Working on Birth Experiences and Getting to Know the Baby

By | March 24, 2011

Yes, still 18 weeks…I keep forgetting to take a new picture! This has been…quite the week, or so.  I can’t even actually share everything that’s happened yet, but rest assured that you’ll find out eventually!  I’m almost 21 weeks now and this is flying by.  I feel like before I know it, it’ll be spring Read More

Healthy Pregnancy Series: Group B Strep Test

By | March 23, 2011

Welcome!  If you’re new, you may want to check out the older posts in this series! The Group B strep test is a very common test that is performed when a woman is around 35 - 37 weeks pregnant.  It is a simple, non-invasive test; so why would anyone consider refusing it?  Testing positive almost always Read More

Pregnancy Journal: Halfway There!

By | March 17, 2011

I am almost at 20 weeks now!  I can’t believe it’s almost halfway.  This is the point where most parents find out they’re having: boy or girl.  Of course, because we aren’t having any ultrasounds, we’re not finding out.  It’s been…a little weird.   Normally I’d look forward specifically to the middle of the pregnancy, Read More

Healthy Pregnancy Series: Gestational Diabetes Test

By | March 16, 2011

If you’re new, you might want to check out the older posts in this series! When you’re at the end of your second trimester or beginning of your third trimester, most practitioners like to do the gestational diabetes test.  (If you are showing symptoms, your doctor will do this earlier as needed.)  It is routine Read More

Pregnancy Journal: Busy Week!

By | March 10, 2011

Wow.  It’s been a crazy week.  Here I am, almost 19 weeks pregnant.  Almost halfway!  I keep saying, if this baby is early like my other two, then I pretty much am halfway now.  And maybe that “jinxes” it and this baby will be late.  I kind of hope the baby is late, though, so Read More

Healthy Pregnancy Series: Premature Delivery

By | March 9, 2011

Welcome!  If you’re new, you might want to read the older posts in this series. When expecting, most women usually assume that they will carry their babies until somewhere around their due date, then give birth to a healthy baby.  And this is usually the case.  Unfortunately, sometimes babies are born earlier than they’re meant Read More

Pregnancy Journal: Everything’s So Different!!

By | March 3, 2011

Yes…it’s just a belly shot. It was the end of a long day and I needed a shower, so…there you go. **Psst…you can now find me over at Babble as their newest pregnancy blogger!** Almost week 18…and I do look pregnant now!  There’s a new picture above so you can see just how much. :)  Read More

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