DIY: Cloth Wipes Tutorial

By Faith Storms, Contributing Writer Cloth diapering is gaining popularity among young families. It used to be just five or so years ago that the only people who cloth diapered were also those involved in the “all-natural” lifestyle. Now, I know several mommas who choose to cloth diaper their babies whose lives, other than diapering, […]

Simplifying Cloth Diapers: 11 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started

image by Amy Selleck By Joanna Rodriguez, Contributing Writer There is definitely a learning curve to cloth diapers. There are tons of different kinds, different ways of washing, and different accessories. I’m hoping these tips will help you avoid some of the hassles I’ve encountered during my 3+ years of cloth diapering! 1. Gerber Prefolds […]

5 Myths about Cloth Diapers

Imagine this, if you will:  You’re expecting your first child (or maybe it’s your fifth), and you boldly proclaim to your spouse, or a friend, or a relative, “I think for this child, I’m going to use cloth diapers.”  Immediately, the response you receive is one rife with confusion and a little bit of disgust. […]